Zipsite: Anyone used this?

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I'm considering purchasing this software. It would be a big help to our
small business customers. They would be able to create and update
template sites very quickly with this. I just tried the demo and it was
pretty slick. Templates are kinda fugly (as most templates are), but we
could customize them or add our own graphics to help add to the
choices. Overall I was thoroughly impressed with the speed and ease of
creating web pages. Our clients, most of whom know nothing about things
web, would be able to do just fine with this. I've tried Yahoo site
builder, and played with a few others on other hosts and most are just
too annoying and hard to learn for a true novice. If those systems are
annoying for me and I know what I'm doing, mostly ;-), it's got to be
terribly confusing for them.

So. I'd be very interested to know if you have run across this as a
host or user and what you thought about it. If not, have you used
anything similar and what do you think about your system? To give you
an idea we host about 300 websites, many are small sites and a number
of these sites are just hosting only. We don't have the types of
services the big hosts have and if we start adding them I want them to
truly be no brainers for our clients. They work hard enough keeping
their businesses runing. I don't want them to have to hassle with more
techno crap if I can help it.

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