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I recently tried to set up ZenCart - purchased the book on the home page
- http://www.lulu.com/content/466605 currently listed for about $47 plus
I finally got it through my thick head that the client would not keep it
up to date, lost interest and was stuck with a huge book.  I decided to
try selling it on Amazon.  When I went there I found:
(Amazon.com product link shortened)
That link shows 4 suppliers with prices ranging from $96 for a used book
to $213 for a new one!  How the heck can they sell them for that much?
I listed mine for $51 plus shipping and sold it in 24 hours.


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Re: ZenCart book - weird sale prices

TK wrote:
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(Amazon.com product link shortened)
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That's something I see all the time on Amazon. At least the one you
cited didn't have a lower price listed right on the same page. Here's an
example of something that makes even less sense:

(Amazon.com product link shortened)/

"WWII in HD"
New: $19.95
Used: $53.51

And check this one:

(Amazon.com product link shortened)/
"It Might Get Loud"
New: $21.49
Used: $2,404.99

Why do they do it? The only answer I can come up with is that they are
hoping that some complete moron comes along and the moron thinks there's
something special about the one they are selling that makes it worth a
lot more than the others.

And another thing I've noticed is that it's gotten a lot harder to sell
used DVDs and Blu-rays on Amazon. I have perfect feedback and I almost
always list at the lowest price. My stuff used to sell within a day or
two. Now it averages nearly two weeks.


Re: ZenCart book - weird sale prices

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You're selling too cheap! Try to sell a DVD for $ 5,001.75 next time,
and you will notice that it's sold before you've put it on Amazon :-D.

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