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You'll get more customers if your site is on Google's first page or #1
on any of the major search engines. More customers means more money
and more subscibers to your email list if you are building one.

If you want to achieve #1 ranking you have to SEO your website. SEO
firms usually charge more than $4500 per month to optimize and
maintain your website. If you choose to do it yourself it will take
forever and frustrate you too much.

There is a solution. With <a href=" -
search-engine-placement">this software</a>  you can optimize your site
and get first page rankings on Google and other major search engines.
And being at #1 means fat checks and fat bank accounts. for more information.

Re: Your Website... #1 on Google

20 wrote:
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What a hoot!

Searching Google for your page's heading:
"Getting Better Search Engine Placement For Increased Profits"

'Your search - "Getting Better Search Engine Placement for Increased
Profits" - did not match any documents.'

Maybe you should buy your own scam^Wservices. At the very least, stop
spamming Usenet about something you obviously can't do.

   -Motorcycles defy gravity; cars just suck

Re: Your Website... #1 on Google

On Jun 18, 1:11 pm, "Beauregard T. Shagnasty"
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Actually, to be fair to this guy, I have had great experiences with  I suggest people try it out for themselves.  I have
managed to get onto page 1 just with having a squidoo page and
targeting a keyword phrase, and writing some relevant and related
content around it.

However, in my experience, whilst a squidoo site can quickly reach the
first page of google page rankings, it will often promptly disappear,
unless it is updated often, and updated with decent content.


Tim Buchalka

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