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I've been looking at Adobe Creative Suite 2
( ). The premium
version packages these programs together (from their site): "Adobe
Photoshop® CS2, Illustrator® CS2, InDesign® CS2, GoLive® CS2, and
Acrobat® 7.0 Professional software with new Version Cue® CS2, Adobe
Bridge, and Adobe Stock Photos."

It's pricey, but the package offers a lot of savings over buying each
program separately if you want a few of them. My interest at the
moment is because I sometimes do some desktop publishing, and I may
be working with someone who uses InDesign. Photoshop would be good to
have too, and now I'm wondering what you guys think of the other
programs. Do you use any of them? Do you think they're useful for

Thanks for any feedback,

Re: Your opinions of Adobe Creative Suite 2

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Ain't that the truth.

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Only Photoshop on an old and arcane OS. And only for what I had to learn
immediately for what I had to do.

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Some will probably improve your arsenal. Others may not be of use
immediately, but if you become proficient with the lot, you will
certainly have highly valuable skills that shine on a resume or shine
with your own ability in being independent.
Do you like to dabble with new possibilities which aren't cheap but
extend your skillset and you can afford? Oh, and have to be upgraded
periodically :-(


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Re: Your opinions of Adobe Creative Suite 2

Lois wrote:
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I think it's invaluable, but then I do a lot more than just web design
with it. Right now I use (mostly) a combination of PhotoShop CS 2,
Illustrator CS 2 and InDesign CS 2 for web deisgn, branding and a lot of
photo manipulation. One thing specifically about PS CS2 is the new
digital RAW handling for digital cameras... it's *fab* and for that
reason alone, if you have a camera that can shoot RAW images, get it!!!
I also use Premier Pro and AfterEffects for video editing, and sometimes
do frame editing via PhotoShop. Indesign CS 2 is very sexy... soooo easy
to use.


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Re: Your opinions of Adobe Creative Suite 2

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I absolutely love having the suite. Why not expand what you have to offer to
your clients?  Not only design their site, but put links on their product
pages to professionally designed pdfs (made with InDesign) they can
download, print and use as product brochures.

Save those brochures in press quality format so the client can go to their
fav printing house and have them done up. Use photoshop to improve their
images beyond belief. Illustrator is great for laying out their logo or
layering text and photo (already improved in Photoshop) and saving for web

It's non-stop. The benefits of the suite go on but make sure your system has
enough guts to handle it. I had 512 ram in mine and it balked if I asked it
to run Photoshop, Illustrator and Dreamweaver all at once.  Yes, I still
prefer Dreamweaver over the suite's program :)

Re: Your opinions of Adobe Creative Suite 2

Thanks everyone for your useful feedback.

"ME Hill" wrote in part:
: The benefits of the suite go on but make sure your system has
: enough guts to handle it.

That could be a problem. The minimum requirements at include:

- Intel® Pentium® III or 4 processor
- Microsoft® Windows® 2000 with Service Pack 4, or Windows XP with
Service Pack 1 or 2
- 384MB of RAM to run any one creative application with Adobe® Bridge
and Version Cue® Workspace
- Additional RAM required to run multiple applications simultaneously
(512MB to 1GB recommended)

My computer is a PII with Win98. However, a friend of mine who
recently got CS2 was able to install it on his equally aged computer
after he upgraded the RAM. He said there's about a 5-second delay
when he switches programs, but other than that, it works smoothly.


Re: Your opinions of Adobe Creative Suite 2

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I guess it all depends on how you define webmaster.*

Photoshop CS2 is amazing with some of those new features like
perspective-based cloning (want to make a road running through hills
flat & straight?) and some of the handy quick color adjustment things.
ImageReady has some major improvements as well, but there are still some
things in the generated html pages that I'd like to see handled
differently. Illustrator CS2 is worth the price if you do anything witch
vector graphics (like for use in Flash or logo design). The Live Trace
feature was the biggest selling point here because it actually does an
extremely good job. I've been able to take some of our client's old TIF
logos (even the complex ones) and convert them to EPS vector ones in
literally seconds. If you do any work with PDF forms on the web, you
definately want to have Acrobat. The fact that you can now put 3D
objects in the PDFs is kinda cool too, but I haven't tried that yet.

As for InDesign and GoLive, I haven't really had time to do much more
than load those a couple times, but I'm still not sure that I'd like

I haven't touched Version Cue, Bridge or Stock Photos yet, so I cannot
comment on those.

It will be interesting to see what Adobe does now after the Macromedia
deal. I'd like to see Them 86 GoLive and improve on Dreamweaver. I also
think that combining ImageReady/Fireworks would be a smart move. The
only thing I used Freehand for before was as a helper app going from
Illustrator files into Flash, but with Illustrator CS2 and Flash MX
2004, I don't have any problems going directly from one to the other.

* - I work in a print shop, so I need these programs anyway, but I do
find them very useful with converting the design (from the graphic
designers) to web files.


Justin Koivisto, ZCE -

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