yahoo domain support is the worst i have

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It's the worse experience with a service provider.
Last time, I register a domain with yahoo. Later, they have some
service called
"private domain registration". To avoid spam and other disturb, I
registered this
Then after some time, I set my domain forward to another host in
Yahoo's control panel, which is also hosted by yahoo, but the forwad
just don't work.
Then I trying to get support from yahoo side.

First, I send an email stating the problem, as I expected, they replied
saying the forward has no problem. I believe they didn't even look at
the issue.

Then I reply the email, saying the forward still don't work, and i just
tested it. They began to reply with non-sense, saying my domain is NOT
hosted by them, bla bla bla... I explained a lot, but they seem don't
even know anything about private domain registration!

Below is the email they replied. I sent many emails, but they give the
same reply.
Also, they claim their response time is 4-6 hours, which is already
well below average, however, in my case, the response time is half

Hello XXXX,

Thank you for writing to Yahoo! Domains.

According to public whois database, your domain name "****.com" is
hosted through "SECURENET-SERVER.NET". Any question related to hosting,
please contact your current hosting provider, we are not responsible
your issue.


Whois Server:
Name Server[whois+dns with ip] NS1001.SECURENET-SERVER.NET
Name Server[whois+dns with ip] NS1002.SECURENET-SERVER.NET

Status: ACTIVE Updated Date: 03-mar-2005
Creation Date: 22-dec-2004
Expiration Date: 22-dec-2009

Please do not hesitate to reply if you need further assistance.



Yahoo! Customer Care

For assistance with all Yahoo! services please visit: /

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