Yahoo created 404's (truncated URL's)

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I've just started receiving a lot of 404 errors at my site because of
truncated links.

I believe that I have traced the culprit down to Yahoo.  Their image
search pages display the URL of each image under the thumbnail.  They
limit it to n characters and then add "...",  so a long URL gets
truncated.  They are not actual links, though, so I'm a bit confused.

One of the common ones I get is a request for /Boulder_to_Minneapo at my
site.  I

f I search Yahoo for the phrase "Boulder_to_Minneapo," I get two results
linking to Yahoo image search pages and when clicking on one of those
entries I get a page with these truncated links appearing under the

Like this:

These pages are randomly generated, so my site's photo is not always on
there, but you can see what I mean by truncated links.

Why am I suddenly starting to see lots of 404 errors that correspond to
exactly the way Yahoo has truncated these links (I have other exact
examples that I have found - only by searching Yahoo).  Is there a
browser that converts those to clickable links or something?

I sure wish Yahoo could get their act together.  Does anyone know how to
contact them?  They seem like real bozos.

 Chuck Anderson • Boulder, CO

Re: Yahoo created 404's (truncated URL's)

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Its not just you.
We noticed our server error logs mushroom this week for all customers.
Its various truncated yahoo links, sometimes with the front of the web
address cut off like
instead of

Presumably they will notice the error and fix it ?!

Gordon Hudson || Ltd
e-mail:ghudson [at] Host 5 web sites for $9 per month Domain Names with free hosting and email $15

contact Yahoo? - Re: Yahoo created 404's (truncated URL's)

Gordon Hudson wrote:

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This problem is certainly not going away.

Does anyone know how to actually contact the Yahoo's at Yahoo?

 Chuck Anderson Boulder, CO
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 The lack of it is common.

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