Would you broadcast your web site traffic live?

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Imagine a service where you can browse the traffic of numerous web
sites in real-time, maybe using a cool visualization such as this:


I think advertisers would be willing to broadcast their web traffic if
it will make their site look more interesting thus increasing the
probability that more people will visit and stay longer on their site.

This goes beyond conventional web advertising because potential
visitors would see at a glance how busy the site is overall and also
which parts of the site are currently being visited frequently at that
very moment. They would also be able to see what sorts of visitors the
site attracts and how those visitors found the site.

Would you broadcast your web site traffic live? Do you think many
people would? Do you think this approach would make advertising more


P.S. I'm thinking of providing such a feature in Target Your News, a
service for free advertising that
        uses a novel targeting method:


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