Worst website design ever?

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Quite a stunningly badly-done website for navigation, but some amusing

Tthere are two levels of gallery navigation, one on invisible tiny
buttons by the picture, then a photo bar down at the bottom.  Can you
find the "blog in a letterbox" too?

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Re: Worst website design ever?

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I dunno-- I've seen a lot of bad stuff, but this actually isn't so
awful, and seems to remain navigable with NoScript on as well.

The photos are a pain to navigate but this doesn't strike me as worst
ever by a longshot.

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Re: Worst website design ever?

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Nah.  I have a candidate:

http://www.thequattroworkshop.co.uk /

OK.  First, the home page is keyword-stuffed in visible text with the
stuff the guy doesn't have and is not interested in.  I have no idea
how many owners of the vehicles mentioned in the text were misled into
visiting this site completely pointlessly.

And if that alone doesn't infringe Google's quality guidelines, heaven
only knows what does.

Then - do a CTRL-A and find the hidden text.  Ooops.  Another no-no -
and actually quite deliberate and intention.  The background and text
colours are specified in different number bases to "fool" the
Googlebot.  Bad idea.

Then click on "What we do ..." (can you believe a real "Click here"
anchor text?) and what do you get?

A second level entry page.

I hate to admit this - but the owner is a friend of mine.  I emailed
him several times after he put the site up, but to no avail.

I don't know what sort of Googleban he is serving.  Perhaps Google had
to invent a whole new one for him.

Re: Worst website design ever?

Phil Payne wrote:

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Is his business surviving?

"Our records indicate that we have repaired over 100 different quattros
over the last 3 years."

Let's see ... 100 divided by 3, divided by the number of weeks per year
... um, that doesn't seem to be very many customers.  <g>

I thought quattro was spelled with a capital Q.

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Re: Worst website design ever?

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"The web site was a waste of money - I've never had one single contact
from it."

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They have to keep taking them to have them repaired again.

(And no - I'm not kidding.  I saw one on Tuesday that had the wrong
front strut fitted.)

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Difference between car called "quattro" and feature on other cars.
The "quattro" is the "quattro".

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Re: Worst website design ever?

On Thu, 20 Sep 2007 05:07:15 -0700, Phil Payne

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page two is quite exhilarating. it almost made me want to go out and
buy a .................. quattro! just so i can bring it to him.

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