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Well - suffice to say that I am not one to talk, I love flash and I think
its undervalued and abused ... BUT

This has to be the worst website! - http://www.trump.com /


Re: Worst website ?

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Got closed as soon as it resized my browser window, like every other
site that does that.

I'm not sure why people think this is a good idea. I've never actually
stayed long enough to see the content of any site that does that.


Re: Worst website ?

<Wed, 05 Oct 2005 23:30:58 GMT>

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IE it said I needed the flash 7 plugin .

Clicked on the download flash 7 link and had to untick the 'also
install' the yahoo toolbar rather than tick it because I actually wanted
to install it .

At the end of the flash 7 download IE popped up some message about
needing to allow active x to actually install it .
Macromedia can go forth and multiply .

Re: Worst website ?

Quoth Gerry White in alt.www.webmaster

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yecch!  You'd figure that someone of his stature wouldn't have his nephew
building his web site.

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Re: Worst website ?

On Wed, 5 Oct 2005, Gerry White wrote:

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What about the designers of their web site, "The 7th Art"?[1]

If you have JavaScript disabled, the links in the imagemap on their
entry page just takes you to the top of the same page (where you are
    http://the7thart.com /
The JavaScript (if you have it enabled or if you can edit or view the
JavaScript source to find the new page address) takes you to:
which *then* requires Flash.

They definitely did *not* have accessibility in mind when they designed
their site.

<theory type="conspiracy rumour of the week">

Perhaps by driving away everyone except those who do have JavaScript and
Flash enabled, they restrict themselves to clueless customers who don't
have any awareness of the need for accessibility[2] and can be more easily
suckered into paying for an inaccessible website.


[1] Found by viewing their SWF files with a text editor to find some
    other SWF-laden pages on their site and an imagemap with a link to
[2] nor security
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