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Re: worst registrar is gkg.net

Steve Sobol wrote:
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What's to argue?  The proper owner of the card indicated he did not
recognize the charge as one he had made.  Good reason - he didn't make
the charge.

The credit card company had every right to reverse the charge.  And the
processor had the choice to absorb the charge, or charge GKG back.

It isn't the processor which initiates the chargeback.  It's the company
who issued the credit card to the holder.

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final thoughts for now... to paul and jerry/ Re: worst registrar is gkg.net

Jerry Stuckle wrote:

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First, I'd like to apologize to Paul. My "pennies" estimate was based ONLY
on the discount charges associated with taking the payment and issuing the
associated credit If there was a chargeback, yes, there probably would be an
additional fee, but if the chargeback was issued solely based on the
customer's complaint, then GKG should go find a new credit card processor.
When I've disputed items in the past, the bank has issued a temporary credit
to my account and allowed the merchant to provide proof that the charge was
legit. This is much a more merchant-friendly policy, and it doesn't cause
undue problems for the customer either.

I am aware that there are companies that don't do that. American Express
simply charges you back, for example, if you're signed up as an Internet
merchant. You're screwed... you have to go after the customer for your
payment. But that's why I'm unlikely to ever directly accept Amex cards
anymore. :) (Want to pay me with Amex? Fine. I have a PayPal account; send
it that way.)

Now... WRT telling the customers upfront about the $200 fee, yes, I do see
it on http://gkg.net/policies/serv_agree.html , and yes, that gives the
customers much less leverage to complain about the $200 (if you don't want
to potentially be charged, don't use the service, or make sure you only use
your own credit cards).

I guess my point is that a chargeback could have been avoided here.

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Honestly, it depends on whether you have a large staff or not. If you have a
decent-sized staff, or provide extensive support services like GoDaddy
(24/7/365 phone support), your payroll expenses can get pretty high --
especially if you're offering benefits. If your staff is small, the
percentage of payroll costs compared to other operating costs will be much

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Re: final thoughts for now... to paul and jerry/ Re: worst registrar is gkg.net

Steve Sobol wrote:
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The point you're ignoring is - the owner of the card claimed the charge
was fraudulent.  Then he came back later and claimed the charge was OK.

So you have the time for two phone calls, the charge back or refund from
the first call, the charge from the second call, the work required to
determine which domain was involved from the first call (remember - he
didn't get the domain name - his friend who used the card did), freeze
the domain, release the domain... the list goes on.

Quite frankly, I can easily see this taking 30-60 minutes for
everything.  I know I would have charged a lot more than $15 if I were
in gkg's place.

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Yes and no. As your staff grows, so does the cost of supporting them.
Get above a certain number and you need to hire a manager just to manage
them.  And managers are non-income producing overhead.  But other costs,
such as payroll processing, go down.  It doesn't cost 10x as much to pay
10 people as it does one.

It also depends on what you're doing.  For one of my businesses I'm
currently looking for about 1,000 sq. ft. of office/warehouse space.  I
just can't do it out of my home any more.

But in the my area the cost of that is about the same as hiring an
additional person, once you include all expenses.

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Jerry Stuckle
JDS Computer Training Corp.

Re: worst registrar is gkg.net

actually i was out and i did wrote that long letter in response to
Now i came here and saw peter elsner also did a post.

So i replied that first-although it was written before-i didnt changed
the answer to reflect peters answers.

Dear Peter
First can you please remove my domain name as becouse of reasons i've
Second thanks for showing up...

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When we have compliants about each other i think it is best each one
tells his side of story and not the real(!) part of story.Maybe real is
still undefined!

Quoted text here. Click to load it
Can you prove this?
Maybe my friend is really joking with me and i dont know.at least you
can enligthen me about my friend.
I see only 3 situations:

1.my friends know my gkg panel password so he goes there,recharges the
account and later write a complain that his card was used as froud.

2.i know my friends credit card serial/password/etc. i goes to my
panel, and transfer the money, you do renew the domain,later he finds
out what has happened and email you the card was stolen!

3.we both were sitting together,we did renewed the site and later we
moved out ant as far as i remmeber we were together for next 4-5
hours.And but about 2 weeks later my friend emailed you please dont
charge the card for next year!

As far as i know #3 was what has happened in our reality show!
I think there are some problems with #2 as it seems to be your reality!
If somebody legally used a credit card, can you by just an email refund
How do you know email was not a fake mail?
Maybe email was also froud?

Can you shed some lights and post my friends email to me on my private
(i dont want it to be public becouse somebody else name involves and i
dont have his permission.I am not like proud gkg.net that whenever any
conflicts happens they throw away all infos on net just to preserve
their perfect quality of services obvious to anyone!)

#1 also sounds somehow logical,and by emailing me your infos i can see
that too!

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If you mean my mistake that i thought you did a mistake it is a true
If you mean my mistake,we did that mistake and admited it on our mails,
it is a complete lie!

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If my friend did contacted you so you did have his email and i didnt
provide a new thing!
But really why some stupid guy first claim my card was stolen and the
next day says it was not?
Maybe i bribed him?!
Or Maybe nobody really meant anything about any cards being stolens!

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Sounds really fair.A work can either be done with $15 and whenever we
dont like you we can make it also $200.
Thanks for first offering me that price and bearing $185 loss becouse
you liked my name!or my domain name!
OR maybe becouse you knew you "misunderstanded" something....

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I think it was too.
Thats why i said you never care about money you just want to help world

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We did contacted you and you asked for all our credit cards info.
We did emailed them to you but nothing happened in a week.
You did responed and said please send attachments to another email and
becouse of BBB complain you have to pay small fee of $200!

Here is our true story
Well i never heard of BBB before.I started reading your TOS and i
noticed their icon in your site.
It stated Better business Bureau.I find out there, that is also another
ways for resolving issues with companies.
And they stated we first simply forward your mails to their costumer
service So I just gived it a go.
And also i thought i didnt reach my resolution with you,so why i dont
trust these guys.
So i will first hear from your support and next if not resolved they
might do some stuff for me.
But i didnt know BBB is causing that much trouble for you - by simply
forwarding an email - to be a better bussines bureau.
I didnt know another email will kill your server hard disk and couse

anyway if they are making troubles to you and obviously costumer like
me so costumer have to pay for their troubles why you just dont quit?
I think it sense more logical for "mere $8.95/year renewal" (although i
remember it was 9.20 - maybe i am mistaking here).

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Yeah god only knows those exact meanings of

Quoted text here. Click to load it
Please complete it like
because we take every fraud complaint very seriously that even if you
mail us a blank email we will ask for $15.Maybe your friends was trying
to email-bombing us so he can penetrate into our databse and use your
credit card infos to do some illegal stuff!

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No wonder why..this reminds me of that great customer service which you
are proud of!

Re: worst registrar is gkg.net

On 22 Dec 2005 roozbeh wrote in alt.www.webmaster

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For some reason I'm starting to like you. :)


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