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Hello do i need a publishing server to set up a workflow and user
access. I am trying to figure out how contribute or dreamweaver would
do this? On front page I simply publish from a production site to my
real website. Also can dreamweaver do emailing with forms as easy as
frontpage or does it have to be done using cgi?
So far i set up an ftp site and I am able to see only what i have
check in/out. Looks like the licensing for dreamweaver will be a lot
more expensive and i wont get all the feature of frontpage.

Re: workflow with contribute and dreamweaver

joe wrote:
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Dreamweaver is more expensive, but you won't get pages which only look
good on IE.  FrontPage is better than it used to be - but it still
produces some pretty lousy html at times.  And often you'll have to
massage the html to make it look properly on other browsers.

Mailing will take some server-side code.  It doesn't need to be CGI, but
it needs to be server-side.  Again, FrontPage generates code which will
pretty much run only on Windows servers (which, BTW, are generally more
expensive than Linux servers for the same capabilities).  You can do the
code in PHP or Perl, for instance, and it will run on virtually any server.

Better than either is to learn HTML and CSS yourself.  It's not that
hard, and you can then use virtually any text editor to create your
pages.  You won't be restricted by the limitations of programs like
FrontPage and DreamWeaver (and yes, they do have limitations).

And if you have any programming experience, PHP should be pretty easy to
pick up.  Even if you don't, there are scripts available on various
sites to do emails, and if you do need to modify the code you should be
able to pick up enough to learn how to do it.  People on the
comp.lang.php newsgroup will help you, if you give it a reasonable try

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Re: workflow with contribute and dreamweaver

Thanks Jerry,

   I found two products  Contribute Publishing Server and Contribute
CS3. Does anyone know if Contribute CS3 works with the publishing
server or are they totally different products? My neighbor told me
that the server allows wysig for html pages for non html programmers
and that it only runs on windows.

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