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Our little business currently has a Windows Platinum shared hosting
account with Either they have problems, or we have
problems. Since our software is custom, it could be them or us. We offer
an online educational course that uses Flash, ASP, and MSSQL 2000. Our
disk space requirements are less than a gig at present.

We have decided to add a second shared host to compare and to determine
the source of the problem. (Students have trouble logging in, the course
freezes, server-sent emails never arrive at OUR email addresses on the
same server.)

It is unfortunate that our code is in ASP, but that's what we have and
that's what we're stuck with for now. So, I would appreciate
recommendations for reliable Windows hosting. They don't have to be the
cheapest, but cost is obviously a major consideration. I have looked at, but there is SO much information there that it is
hard for a non-regular of the site to find reliable information.

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And lo, mcp6453 didst speak in alt.www.webmaster:

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Netfronts -

I've been using one of their Linux plans, but they've been reliable for me  
for more'n five years.  I presume their Windows plans are just as good.


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I've been very pleased with Crystal Tech, both for a website where I
do volunteer work for a non-profit organization and also for my
personal website.  In fact, I chose them for my personal site even
though I prefer Linux because I was so pleased with their customer
service in my work with the non-profit.

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Good service and good prices

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We offer
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I know that supports ASP.  I don't think he has
MSSQL2000.  You could shoot him an e-mail and ask.

Tom Miller

Try which has a new telnet chat system and a HUGE
file downloads collection.  Ecard:

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is this a circle jerk or something? &

it would cost you less to buy the fukkin licenses and install a
winserver yourself and test your stuff out.

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Gwin wrote:

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