Windows Media = DLNA?

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It recently dawned on me that the IP cam server I am using
(BlueIris) has a "Windows Media" option for webcasting.

One specifies a port and Windows Media Player is able to connect
to it.

Windows Media Player | File | Open URL |

This seems to have at least one advantage in that each camera can
be put on it's own port.  

The Questions:

- Is this stream the same one used in DLNA (as in  "Digital
  Living Network Alliance" devices?

- Either way, can the stream be rendered on a web page that is
  browser-independent?   (i.e. the code behind the web page
  pretends it is Windows Media Player and somehow renders
  a moving image that will show up on various different
  browsers without the user having to install an ActiveX
  control or some Java app)

[Yes, this is the same physical situation as in my other threads
("Making Last N Video Clips Available To Users" and "DynDNS
Analogs: On-Time Fee").   But the technical issue is different
and I'm spawning separate threads with the thought of making the
subject more available/searchable to somebody else with similar
questions.   i.e. somebody researching DLNA will get a hit on the
thread's subject.]
Pete Cresswell

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