willing @ wanting to lurn?

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Hosting  can I host my own website and others I create how?
Does the 24hour build a website book work?
Can I obtain a text number online business.. For example people can
text for items at a cost?
Are there any free copyrights and trademark company for people sating
a new business?

From a person with a new years resolution  to stat a small profitable
business  for he new year
Thank you..
P.S Please Smile

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Re: willing @ wanting to lurn?

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Yes, but that's really something you don't want to be doing initially
if you don't know HTML yet. Building and securing a server is not
trivial. Use a hosting provider until you're comfortable with all the

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Some books are better than others, I'm not sure which one you are
referring to. If you're trying to learn HTML, you can get a decent
overview here:
http://www.html.net/tutorials/html /

Or buy a tutorial book. I'm not sure if English is your native
language. If not, it might be easier for you to learn from a book in
your own language.

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If others have already done it, you definitely can, but I don't think
anyone here has yet. So yes, but you'll have to find out how on your
own by asking elsewhere.

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I'm not sure what you are asking for here. Are you looking for a
lawyer, or business advice, or something else? Building websites is a
business like any other. You will almost certainly have to invest
money to make it. The nice thing about web businesses is that the
startup costs are very little compared to a non-web business.

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