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Say I have a 'primary' domain www.bestfoointerp.com on my host server. I
also own 'secondary' domains www.foointerp.com and www.fooeval.com (and
.net and .org).

I'd like to have the secondary domains with their one-page content the
same, but different from the landing page of the primary site. I want to
link the primary from each of the secondaries.

Can I have all the sites on the same server as the primary, without fear
of being penalized by Google?

If the sites are all on the same server, can I have the secondaries simply
redirect to the primary, without a Google issue?
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Re: Will Google ding me if...

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1-script.com wrote:
Ed Jay  wrote:

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Google would object the very notion of you being able to do something to
game Google *without* fear of being penalised. So, no, you would not be
able to setup something like that without the above mentioned fear.  You
may get accustomed to the fear and/or build it into your business plans
but you cannot do without it if the primary objective is to game the

I think it's pretty safe to say that the system you're proposing would
throw a red flag immediately, given that the indexing backend can easily
tie all the sites together by IP, server signature, DNS data, domain
registration data, maybe even server load data (all sites on the same
server would become slower or faster at the same time and they do measure
speed) or whatever else they have in the mountain of information they

Re: Will Google ding me if...

1-script.com scribed:

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Thanks for the response.

FWIW, I'm not trying to game the Google system. I'm trying to game my

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Re: Will Google ding me if...

On Thursday, February 9, 2012 5:12:18 PM UTC-5, Ed Jay wrote:
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IMO, the issue is the duplicated content, not the parked domain. I could be way
off on this, but from the outside looking in, how would Google know that it's a
parked domain, and not a second account with the same pages?

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