wiki software selection advice ?

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 We have a short list of wiki software listed below that we are
evaluating. The project will also be using wordpress and there will
need to be some integration between the wiki and wordpress. It seems a
wiki that can use mysql and is also PHP based would be favorable.

 I had also considered DBM/DBA which are object persistent databases,
but our team does not seem to favor that solution, though I have not
really analyzed that approach or have enough experience to feel I
understand all possible advantages or disadvantages that it might
have. I have not been able to find a DBM that works with PHP on
windows which some development will be on. It has been mentioned that
DBA is not going to cache the way a database does, although I also
heard somewhere else it would be faster and I suspect using memcache
with DBA would work, but I am not sure if there would be references
inside the objects that would cause a problem with that ?

I had looked into phpwiki, but had many problems with the install on
windows and I didn't see that it have very good wysiwyg editing.

Anyway, the short list:


pmwiki is set up to use  flatfiles, so we may be dropping that,
although possibly it could be modified to work with mysql.

Re: wiki software selection advice ?

on Tue 27 Mar 2007 09:10:05a

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Even without your providing any sense of the total project size
for it document base, its usage or the server you plan to run it
on, it seems to me that you've elimimnated both snipsnap and
jspwiki, as both are java based.  Jspwiki requires a servlet
engine, and snipsnap looks as if it's a miniwiki, possibly not
what you're looking for.

Meidiawiki is the backend that wikipedia runs on.  It is probably
the software that most would cosider to be the wiki standard on
the web.  it will scale, has a very good versioning and editing
system, as well as many extras.  If your team has a couple of
decent PHP coders. It should be able to do anything a wiki is
expected to do without much extra fuss. A possible downside is
unless there is some serious template modifications, it will look
like a media wiki product a first glance to any who are aware of a
few mediawiki run sites. I do not know if there is a wordpress
accessibile method readily available for mediawiki, but given that
both sites are actively deve;loped, and both have a large  number
of coders, I'd be surprised if there wasn't something available
from at least one side, and possible both.

BitWeaver is a very nice complete CMS package, which includes a
wiki engine.  I cannot recall ever having messed around with the
bitweaver wiki, but I would assume it is of the same quality as
the parts of the package I am more familiar with and would expect
setup and default usability to be easy for a CMS package.  It uses
smarty as it templating engine. Whether that is a positigve or
negative depends entirely on the past experience of your team
members.  Smarty is generally a bit less of a bastard on the
learning curve than some PHP templating systems, but rest assured,
if no one has used it before, there will be a learning curve
before workable templates for the site will be created.  If you
decide on using bitweaver, then if possible, try to migrate any
preexistent wordpress files over to the bitweaver blog backend.
It will save you grief having it all bundled into one package. I
haven't a clue about bitweaver's ability to integrate wordpress
into a production.

Re: wiki software selection advice ?

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Snip snap caught my attention because it uses groovy and I have done a
good deal of Ruby on Rails stuff.

 It seems the java wikis may be a hard sell unless there is a
compelling reason to go that way.
One of our developers has java experience but not PHP, but I think the
push will be for a PHP code based solution. I posted the following in
a java database and php.general:

We are choosing wiki and blog software which may bpth end up being
PHP, but if one was java based and the other PHP I was curious if PHP
and Java can read/write the same type of DBA/DBM style database which
I beleive is an object oriented style database that Perl/PHP use as I
have done some of this in Perl. I expect this might be complex or not
possible, but I am curious. Otherwise two seperate systems based on 2
different languages could not share any code that created objects
rendered by the web server and there could not be a subsytem in one
language that the other interfaced with. The other possibility would
be an XML based solution, but not sure if the complexity on that would
be worth it or an easy sell to others. I had also seen a snip snap
wiki which is groovy based that caught my attention.

Re: wiki software selection advice ?

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We're a hardcore Java shop, I hate PHP and I'm hungry for reasons to
fool with Groovy. Hosting Java is trivial for us, especially in-house.

We're still using MediaWiki though. It might be based on an ugly
platform, but it's the Wiki product with the most work going into it
and best features.

Re: wiki software selection advice ?

on Wed 28 Mar 2007 03:02:10a

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Have you ever run into JLibrary?

Was thinking about toying around with it
for a potential option as a collaboration engine.
Don't waste time if you haven't seen it, as I'm
probably going to try it out anyway on some presently
underused leased server space that offers Tomcat setup
as a click install through the web panel.  I've been
meaning to test their default setup anyway, but haven't
set aside the time.

Re: wiki software selection advice ?

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Yes, some time ago and I hated it (proabably unfairly).

I'm a metadata geek (RDF, DC, SW, et al.). jLibrary's approach here is
trivial and years obsolete. It might work fine as a product, but it
excludes a large area that I'm particularly interested in and so it's
of little interest to me.

Re: wiki software selection advice ?

on Mon 02 Apr 2007 02:35:55a

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Thank-you very much.  You criticisms broadly run along some of my
doubts.  What caught my eye was the win GUI to ease in user
implementation. Bells, whistles and eye candy.  Still it would be
nice to discover a decent opensource codebase for project
collaboration that had a decent user/visitor site rights and
restrictions interface, a DB for non-public reference documents, a
members only arena for thrashing and rethrasing work in progress
documents, replete with good versioning functionality, and a place to
publish unrestricted pages for public viewing, although this last one
is really a non-essential triviality, as any finished product could
easily be forwarded to a different servlet c.

thanks again

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