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I have been told to select a Wiki for a software house which will be
used to write there software manual.

My first two choices were Twiki looks good but from what I can read
others have stated of it seems to require a lot of  maintenance.

I tried Bitweaver but it seems to have trouble running with IE although
firefox is fine.

Which ones do you recommend?

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Re: Wiki

BernardZ wrote:

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If it's for collaborative authoring, then you need the editorial
monitoring and control that Wikimedia offers.

Re: Wiki

BernardZ wrote:

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MediaWiki, which is the Wiki used by projects such as Wikipedia, seems to
be popular. It is very much of the all-singing, all-dancing variety. I've
never set this up, but have contributed to several wikis that used it, and
from a user point of view, it's a joy.

phpWiki is nice and very simple. Very few settings need to be adjusted and
it can work with a variety of database backends, including flat files. The
PHP code is well laid out and well commented, making tweaks to the code
reasonably easy.

Toby A Inkster BSc (Hons) ARCS
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Re: Wiki

Toby Inkster wrote:
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Thanks everyone for your comments, like everyone you seems happy with

The problem with it is that it does not have
1) Ratings

The user cannot say, that this page is five (5) star or that page is
crap and give it one (1) star. It
gives the document writer a sign of how his target readers are thinking
of his work.

2) Discussions

Users like to be able to discuss the issue on the bottom of that page.
In MediaWiki you have to go to another page.

3) You cannot lock users out of a page both for reading and editing.

There are software setting and hacks that trained people to know but
you do not want operators to read these sections.

4) I find it difficult to turn the result into a book.

Having said that I have used and set up MediaWiki and it is a fine
program, easy to set up and look after. I find a user needs some
training to use it.

Re: Wiki


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Mediawiki is an excellent choice.
I actually use - and prefer - dokuwiki.

Karl Groves

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