Wierd PDF behavior

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Wondering if anyone has ever seen this one before

PDF document at http://tinyurl.com/yzfgy87

From what I understand, the PDF was made by converting an M$ Publisher file
to PDF using Publisher's PDF export utility.

In Opera, the PDF looks fine.

In FF, IE and Chrome, some of the fonts are b0rked. However, if you scroll
to the end of the document and back, everything looks as it should.

Any ideas what can be causing this behavior - and what to do about it?



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Re: Wierd PDF behavior

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Opera, FF, IE, and Chrome most likely all use a helper-application to
show the pdf file inside the browser window. I don't think any of those
have their own PDF renderer. But it might be that they are not all using
the same. The question is: which browser uses which external program to
render the PDF file.

fwiw Ubuntu's Document Viewer (Evince?) 2.24.1 has no problem with it.

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Re: Wierd PDF behavior

Matt wrote:
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What version of the Acrobat Reader helper are you using?  What was used
to convert the doc?

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Re: Wierd PDF behavior

Matt wrote:
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Try asking at comp.text.pdf.

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