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I'm an etailer who spends a lot of time and angst over every detail of my
web sites.

Then I go to the website of one of my biggest suppliers and find this
monstrosity www.oddity.biz.  Please note that this is a MULTI-million dollar

My first guess was that it was done by the owner's kid, but then I realized
that most teenagers would know better (plus it doesn't have blaring sound).

in the words of the immortal Sgt Schultz:
~~ I know NOTH-THING ~~

Re: Why worry?

nj_dilettante wrote:

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Yes, your point being?

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What makes you think that!?
I actually did not think the site was that bad, a part from the lack of
alt text on images, which is a Big no no in my book.
But, I also think they have the best use for a splash page that I have
ever sceen on a website.
After all, if your imployed by the organisation, you do not really want
to be having to go to the main site and click several links just to
But, they could have done a bit better job on the splash page. In
FireFox with images disabled, I have know idea what the site is about.
So I think some text with some sort of welcome message would work well
and then just get people to click on what ever part of the site they
wanted / needed to visit. I was also thinking with a bit of alt text on
the links the site would be quite useable.
(It needs good alt text though, preferably the same as what is written
on the buttons.
Regards Chad. http://freewebdesign.cjb.cc
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Re: Why worry?

Chaddy2222 wrote:
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What about the 200 errors on validation?


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