why isn't my website converting?

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would anyone like to give me their opinion as to why my website isn't
converting visitors into buyers.

any help would be appreciated



Re: why isn't my website converting?

Editor wrote:

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Perhaps your prices are too high .. and your website too dull. <shrug>

Perhaps nobody else has seen your spam?

Re: why isn't my website converting?

On 14 May 2012 03:26:11 GMT, Editor put finger to keyboard and typed:

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What's your current conversion rate? Not all visitors will become buyers.

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Re: why isn't my website converting?

On 14 May 2012 03:26:11 GMT, Editor wrote in alt.www.webmaster:

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Your website doesn't inspire the confidence you need to project. Plain
and simple.

I refuse to let common sense cloud my judgment.

Re: why isn't my website converting?


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1) You page is far, *far* too vertically long. Anything past the first
screen might as well not exist for the first time visitor

2) As others have mentioned, your price is probably a little on the high
end for the student marmet you seem to be targeting.

3) Asking leading questions as an opener on a website is rather cheesy:
"Are you a student, struggling with perfecting your term paper or book
report? Is your college admission essay lacking the refinement it needs
to get you into your favorite university? Is your book report meandering
like a river through a tropical rain forest?" - It's not like you're
going to hear their answers and chances are you already know they're
students by the fact that they're reading your site (After all, it's not
like you're going to be getting stock brokers or auto mechanics reading
the site)

4) Use of cheesy headlines, promises: "One-on-one, Personalized
Service" - Unless you're willing to get on a plane to fly to meet each
and every one, "one-on-one" is hardly true and they know it. It's a
subconscious devolution of credibility. (It doesn't matter how much time
you spend corresponding with them, email is *not* one-on-one, undivided

5) Don't denigrate the competition. Don't even mention them. "Don't go to
a cheap paper mill to get your paper or blog posting outsourced, and
poorly edited or proofread." - At $5.00 a page, "cheap" may be all they
can afford, especially on a students' budget. You need to be pointing out
why you're worth $5 a page, not why your potential customers are morons
for going cheap.

6) Use of "All babies must eat" content: "At GradeAedits.com, you'll get
personal, professional proofreading and editing service from a
professional ...(etc)" - It's not personal, at least, not any different
than any of a billion other websites that respond to customer requests -
Unless, of course, you are trying to say "We do more than just run it
through MS Spellcheck for you". One would certainly hope it's a
professional service - That is implied by your service offering. No need
to mention that in the precious 30 seconds youv'e got to make them decide
to click again, unless it is to mention your professional background.

Examples, examples, examples. You need to get permission from former
clients to use "before and after" examples of your work. (Their names do
not necessarily have to be shown, but your work does)

Your "about us" section doesn't tell the reader anything about you at all
, other than the caption below your photo, which can often be ignored.
"About us" is supposed to be *about* you, not an advertising pitch.

I summary, this site is one big pitch, but there is nothing to convince
me, a first time visitor who's never heard of you, that you are capable
of that which you claim; In other words, your conversion rate is low
because it's a total crapshoot for visitors on whether they're going to
get value for their money or not.

Apologies if this sounds harsh, but that's my take on the site and
reasons for low conversion.


Re: why isn't my website converting?

Marc Bissonnette wrote:
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Well done Marc.

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