Who is reporting me for spamming?

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I have a small 143 customer list that I send to every month or so. Never a

The last mailing got me 3 spam complaints. These are all longtime subscribers
and customers and I really can't believe they reported me. Is there some spam
reporting  services on their ISP that are doing it on their own without the
recipient initiating it?

I just can't believe that 3 out of 143 would report me, especially when they
have been getting mail from me for over a year.

Re: Who is reporting me for spamming?

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What reports did you get exactly?

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Re: Who is reporting me for spamming?

Vic wrote:
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I hope you're using a double opt-in system. That's the only way you can
protect yourself from spam complaints. Folks who sign up for newsletters
and such often forget they did or they change their mind about it
sometime later. If you use double opt-in (verify each subscription
request) then you can prove that they asked for the emails.

But OTOH, too many web site operators take the attitude that once
someone buys something from them they have a right to send the customer
periodic emails with the latest "special offers" and that it's up to the
customer to opt-out of these emails. Many people (like me) resent that
sort of thing and they consider it spam. They may not complain right
away but eventually they get annoyed enough to do something about it.


Re: Who is reporting me for spamming?

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1. Check that your server does not allow relaying - that will get you
blacklisted in a second
2. Also check with spamcop.net.  They have excellent advice and tools to
see if your server has been reported.

Probably most important is to make sure that you have a clean list.  If
someone wants to unsubscribe, do it right away and send them an email
saying they have been removed.  If mail is returned, remove the email
address from your list right away.

And follow Red's advice about a double opt-in list.

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Re: Who is reporting me for spamming?

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Perhaps one of your customers has abandoned their email address and their
old ISP or company is picking up your emails (which are going to an email
address for which their is no longer a valid reipient) and automatically
reporting you because of that. Just a thought. It might be worth asking all
of your recipients to reconfirm that they are happy to receive your email
circulars - and dropping those which don't reply (perhaps giving them one
final warning before you do so).

Just a thought, could be a mile off ...

Brian Cryer

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