Who hosts my site?

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My church has two websites. For each one, one organization maintains the
name domain. For one, I know who hosts the site,does maintenance etc. I
can't find that out for the other. Is there something like WHOIS that would
tell me? WHOIS won't give me the name of the server.


Re: Who hosts my site?


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    The church doesn't know who is billing them?  It is not the
same provider?  

    I would do a WHOIS on the domain name in question.  I'd look
at the DNS servers for that domain name.  That should be a very good
clue.  The WHOIS listing should tell you who your domain registrar is.
    If the DNS servers were:


    then I'd go to http://www.somehostingprovider.com and/or do a
WHOIS on somehostingprovider.com.  

    Unless the DNS is being provided by a DNS service like
ZoneEdit, this should tell you who your hosting provider is.  

    If it is using ZoneEdit (or some other DNS only providing
service), then you need to find out what IP address your domain name
is being forwarded to.  Then you have to find out who is the host for
that domain name.  

    There are some services on the Internet that would allow you
to look up that IP address to find out who owns it.  One was Root Mode
but every time I try to go to their address it now prompts me for a
password.  I just found another one at http://www.ip2location.com . You
can try it.  

    Good luck.  If you email me the domain name directly, I'll try
to do it for you.  




Re: Who hosts my site?

in article k0n663hab397oir9leqsdmlmkug7rchuip@4ax.com, Fred Atkinson at
fatkinson@mishmash.com wrote on 6/3/2007 5:35 PM:

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Actually, it looks like we've not been billed recently! I'm trying to close
down that site, or else do a redirect to the other one.

Thanks for your help!

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