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I have been reselling web space for a few years.
I only sell it to the clients I have created their
web sites. I just finished a spread sheet on their due
dates and fees...interesting...didn't realize I was making some
nice income since my base has grown.

I would like to set an additional area on my web site
to sell web hosting as long as I can. It appears most resellers use WHM

Before I spend the time on the learning curve, just curious if
anyone has an opinion on reseller software, also, I have a copy
of modern billing which I may use to collect month to month payments.

Also, do you resell web space and is it really worth the time and effort,
since I am sure I will get some cheese heads who need a step by step walk
thru on setting up their web site and want FREE (that is help me write my
code for my web site) support beyond the set up.

Thanks in Advance

Re: WHM hosting software

zoraster@REMOVEoperamail.com says...
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My advice - it's well worth it.

When I first started Developing about 11 years ago, I gave away all the
hosting business.  After a few years, I realized that I had given away
at least 30 clients (on the low side) worth about $10/month for hosting.  
That's when I decided to resell.

8 years later, I have 96 hosting customers representing a little more
than $17,000 in annual revenue with a 95% annual retention rate.  It's a
great add-on sale for every new client.

I have never had anyone ask for free hosting, and about half of my
customers need some hand-holding for email setup. I charge $180 per year
to make up for the extra level of service making it worth that extra 30
minutes on the phone upon intial account set up.

Re: WHM hosting software

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That is what I am noticeing as well, I previously just had my free web
design clients get their own hosting, but that got bad rather quickly
when they started comeing to me with support questions.
So now I charge them $125 per year for website hosting (which includes
the domain name).

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I do everything by email (unless I really desperatly need to contact
my clients).
Regards Chad. http://freewebdesignonline.org

Re: WHM hosting software

zoraster@REMOVEoperamail.com says...
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I misread your last line.

I have had several customers assume I would make changes to their sites
for free, but I always make it clear when they ask for "a small favor"
that site changes are separate from hosting.

Re: WHM hosting software

William Smith wrote:

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WHM is a popular control panel admin interface (for the main root/server
owner or reseller interface, depending on what user you log in as) with
Cpanel as the user-end control panel interface.  I've never been a
reseller, but over many years, I have worked for companies or ran my
own companies where we sold reseller plans.  I've dealt with Cpanel
since it came out (having done hosting administration years before that
time as well) and it's a lot more stable and secure than it used to be.

If you have an account on a web hosting provider already and they use
Cpanel, then consider upgrading to a reseller plan, if they offer it.
That way, everything from the user-end point of view will remain the
same, but you now have the reseller options to add and sell web sites
and have the control a reseller would need.

Some people started out as resellers and ended up growing into their own
successful hosting provider service, running the servers and offering
their own reseller plans (and shared plans).  If you've used Cpanel,
there's not likely a big learning curve to get used to the WHM reseller
area.  If you are wanting to install WHM/Cpanel on a dedicated server,
then you are going to be in over your head unless you know what you're
doing or hire a server admin.
Tim Greer, CEO/Founder/CTO, BurlyHost.com, Inc.
Shared Hosting, Reseller Hosting, Dedicated & Semi-Dedicated servers
and Custom Hosting.  24/7 support, 30 day guarantee, secure servers.
Industry's most experienced staff! -- Web Hosting With Muscle!

Re: WHM hosting software

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Yes, its definitely worth it if you already have customers that you can sell
hosting to.   Trying to start up in this industry, out of the blue, is
difficult at this point.   If you get a reseller account from a host that
offers WHM, there really is no "learning curve".  Its fairly
straightforward.   Shoot me an email if you want to see a demo with no
obligation to buy.

Tina Peters
Serving the web since 1997

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