Which email readers are most popular (in the UK)?

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Anyone know which are the most popular email clients (in the UK)? Or
where I can find out?

Eg. What are the top 10 most frequently used bits of software to read
email (including mobile phones etc.)

We need to preview our email campaigns before we send them out to our

Many thanks


Re: Which email readers are most popular (in the UK)?

On Fri, 19 Nov 2010 04:54:05 -0800 (PST), Jane Jones put finger to keyboard
and typed:

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I don't know about the UK specifically, but here are some global stats:
http://www.campaignmonitor.com/stats/email-clients /

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Whoa there. Email clients are far more diverse than browsers in the way
they render HTML. And, more pertinently, email users often place (or have
forced on them by corporate policies) different restrictions on what they
will accept - for example, it's far more common for email users to disable
the automatic display of images than browser users, and javascript often
doesn't work at all in emailed HTML. So trying to tailor your mailshots to
different mail clients is likely to be an exercise in frustration, as you
can't be sure that even people with the same client will see it rendered
the same way.

If you want to make your messages readable by the vast majority of
recipients, then all you really need to do is follow three simple rules:

1. Offer your subscribers the choice between plain text and HTML.

2. For the HTML version, use simple, standards-compliant HTML with minimal
reliance on images.

3. Include a "view this mailshot on the web" link for those who can't see
it properly in their mail client.

The third of these is optional, but useful. The first two are essential.
Following all three will maximise reach for minimal effort, which is what
you want.

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Re: Which email readers are most popular (in the UK)?

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Good advice. Two more:

(1) Sign yourself up for a news letter that's read by many, maybe Amazon's?
    (to see what they do)
(2) See how much your news letter scores in SpamAssassin. Recently I
    signed up at a site and their "click here to activate" email scored
    well over 5, which they could easily fix (so I emailed them).

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Re: Which email readers are most popular (in the UK)?

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And I'll add one more - for the plain text version, don't just have a
link that says "Open this in your browser if you can't read it".  I use
Mailwasher, and I only see headers and a few lines of text.  Quite often,
I will follow a link to more information, but I do not click on just the
one "Open in your browser".

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