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I need to change the counter on my website. I did research on the net,
but I prefer to ask the people here.  Any recommendations please?

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Re: Which counter?

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just use your server stats. Hit counters look really unprofessional


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Re: Which counter?

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This is the same point that Doc O'Leary  in his post stated. It
depends on your application, I suppose whether its unprofessional or
not. The good point that I want is that it allows a user top see how
many hits come on the site.

So does anyone have any ideas on one to use.

Re: Which counter?

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None.  A public counter is a strictly amateur page element.  If you care
about statistics, just look at the server logs.

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Re: Which counter?

BernardZ wrote:
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Google analytics is pretty good.  I'm also a fan of statcounter.com



Re: Which counter?

hoot@hoot.com says...
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I decided on
http://www.histats.com /
Mainly because it looks nice. The big problem with it, is that it only
stores the last 1000 hits in a spreadsheet. Since they get about 200
hits a day its a problem. Still the client is quite happy with histats
as it gives them a simple way to check there website.


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