which are the average CTR for different ads nowadays?

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hello everybody !

I am looking for up to date reliable data about what is  the average
click through rate for banners on general rotation or keyword targeted
and for adwords and adsense ads.
I am also looking for the average CTR for rich media ads.
I would be grateful if you could point me to the right place in order
to find these data.

thank you in advance


Re: which are the average CTR for different ads nowadays?

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I'm not sure how meaningful "average CTR" is, because your actual CTR
depends on how well targeted your ads are to your page content and the
location of those ads. Also, not all clicks result in a sale or lead.

Across my site CTR varies between 28% (best) to less than 0.1%. 28% may
sound good, but its from a single page which gets lots of impressions but
last month didn't make one sale (or lead), so 28% click through (240 clicks)
with 0 income for me. Of those which did generate some revenue, CTR varied
from 5% to 0.1%. Sadly I only get high CTR on a couple of pages.

If your ads aren't well targeted then expect a very low CTR, easily less
than 1%.

If you rely on Adsense then in my experience CTR rates are lower than they
would be if you spent the time targeting your own ads. But on the other
hand, with Adsense at least you get paid something per click.

Hope this helps. Other people's experiences may be quite different.
Brian Cryer

Re: which are the average CTR for different ads nowadays?

hi Brian ! many thanks

well I realize CTR can vary a lot depending on websites and ad
creativity and  that CPA is a better metric to track, however I was
interested in making a sort of comparison among all ad formats by an
advertiser point of view, I mean if I would invest some money on web
advertising, I would like to know how , on average, the different kinds
of ads behave


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