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I've gotten lots of help from this group in the past with how-to-build-it
issues, but my current challenge is more off the wall, and I'm not even sure
where to start looking for help.

I do marketing and PR. One of my clients is launching a website that
provides a business service (business-to-business, not for consumers.) It's
not an especially attractive or intuitive site, the tasks being performed
are both important and complicated, each step requires careful selection of
several alternatives -- you get the idea. It can be a headache to use, at
least for first-timers.

I'm looking for someone (or several people) to write tutorials for the site.
My guess is that the client will need several kinds of "Help" options -- an
FAQ, text balloons on key buttons and decision points, and perhaps a series
of Flash movies that step users through the sytems.

And at that point I come to a shuddering halt, because I don't know where to
start looking for folks with these kinds of skills.

Any leads or suggestions would be greatly appreciated. (Anyone interested in
the work should also feel free to contact me.)

tuchasoffentisch (at) gmail.com

Re: Where to Find Tutorial Creator

Fleeing from the madness of the SBC http://yahoo.sbc.com jungle
and said:

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Any recruitment agency that operates in the terget market should be able  
to find some half way decent technical writers.

William Tasso


Re: Where to Find Tutorial Creator

On Sat, 10 Jun 2006 21:32:02 GMT, "Alex"
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Contact your local ASTD chapter. If you could be more specific you
could get better assistance.

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Re: Where to Find Tutorial Creator

Alex wrote:
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And therein lies your problem.  But because it's B2B doesn't mean it shouldn't
be either attractive or intuitive.

Important and complicated do not go well together.  If it's that important it
needs to be easy.  If it's complicated it can't be very important.

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No web site should need an instruction manual.  Sounds like a redesign of the
site is in order.

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Probably because you're trying to cure the symptoms - instead of the problem.

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Remove the "x" from my email address
Jerry Stuckle
JDS Computer Training Corp.

Re: Where to Find Tutorial Creator

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430 No such article
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Jerry's points are well taken. It would be far better if the site in
question were intuitive to use. Unfortunately it is not, in part because of
the way it was designed (our fault) but much more because the process being
managed is highly complex (that, obviously, beyond our control.)
That's hardly unique; Google's Picasa is easy to use, and does a good job.
Adobe Photoshop has a much steeper learning curve, but it does a lot more
than Picasa can. Not everything -- not even a website -- can be as easy to
use as we might like
Thanks to all who had suggestions and comments.


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