Where are you hosted and why?

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Where are you hosted?
And why have you chosen to be hosted there?
I'm hosted with http://www.hostsgeneric.co.uk . because i like hosts

Re: Where are you hosted and why?

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Two place;

My dedicated servers are with Sago Networks (http://www.sagonet.com /)
and have been great. My domains & reseller accounts are through
EasyCGI (www.easycgi.com), who have never given me issues either. For
both; a balance between great service, low cost and good reviews took
me to them in the first place, and have kept me with them for years.

Re: Where are you hosted and why?

On 15 Mar 2007 09:16:23 -0700, "SpaceGirl"

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Their AUP is rather odd, to say the least!

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They advertise "dedicated" servers which are actually VPS, most

Eg "Dedicated"  --> "Easy CGI's VPS (Virtual Private Server) solution
provides a logical upgrade path for customers looking for advanced
hosting solutions on a dedicated system. Each VPS is fully segmented
from other VPS servers on the same hardware system, preventing any
possible problems with resource distribution. If you require a fully
managed server solution, then a VPS is the right choice for you."

But hey, if they do the job for you, that's great!


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Re: Where are you hosted and why?

On Mar 15, 7:28 pm, comme...@probertencyclopaedia.com (Matt Probert)
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How so?

Anyway, they have a superb data centre and have always offered great
service - they've also been very understanding and helpful when we had
a lot of issues with one of our business accounts. I cannot recommend
these guys enough (even if we don't resell through them). We have a
pair of top-spec servers through them, for around100 each a month.

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I'd not use them for dedicated service - they suffer from India Call
Centre sickness, I'm afraid. But for raw domain management, simple
reselling and email serving, they're great. I use them for backups &
as an email service mostly (we didn't want the overhead of managing
our own email, it's just to painful).

This whole VPS thing actually works well BTW - we use it here at
companyX to host internal applications. We use huge sun blades, that
have VPSs running Windows 2003, faviour Linux flavors and other
things. I do NOT like the idea of putting all those systems on one
box, but it really does work - and the resources allocated really are
"dedicated" (if one VM crashes, or uses all CPU, or all RAM, it can
only ever use the RAM and CPU allocated... impossible for it to effect
other instances).

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They do :)

Re: Where are you hosted and why?

desbest wrote:

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I outgrew budget hosting (Page-Zone) and was looking for a better
solution. Dedicated was more than I needed. A VPS was a logical choice.
After checking out options, I narrowed it down to ServInt and PowerVPS
based on recommendations here and at WebHostingTalk.com. ServInt costs a
little more, but does a little more hand-holding with tech
support/server management. I was willing to pay the extra for the extra

Re: Where are you hosted and why?

desbest wrote:
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I just joined this group by recommendation. I am hardly a webmaster, a
greenhorn, but dangerous enough ;) Please bear with me.

Anyway, I just moved my online store to 1and1.com from BlueHost and the
reason is that BlueHost has only one generic package and 1and1 offers 4
levels of hosting, where most of hobby sites stay with the cheaper
versions I assume.

My store gets between 10-30 UVs a day. I know this is nothing, but is
growing. Sometimes I spent hours updating inventory and I noticed
website was slowing into crawl, I suspect some other website was
monopolizing the resources. According to domaintools.com this server had
950 websites on it. My 1and1 business hosting has 107 websites, while I
myself have about 13 domains and subdomains there. So I guess there
could be some 20-40 customers hosted on that particular shared server.

BlueHost had fast support but irrelevant uselless responses. Control
panel was kind of stupid because it used non-standard ports, which may
be blocked if you are trying to get there for quick fix from unusual
place. I think they grow faster than they expected and their servers are
overloaded more than they admit. I am still in transition to 1and1 and
they just changed IPs, which is no biggie if you use their own
nameservers, but if you have DNS elsewhere (some of my subdomains are
elsewhere and I needed generic DNS) - then it is a 48hr problem.

1and1 has fancy control panel on regular port 80 and you get well
secured SSL access. I tried to browse other's accounts on that disk
array and altrhough I could see the account numbers (which are 9 digit
numbers) I could not access anything.

Before 1and1 I was with StartLogic for 2 years. It may have been ok
cheap hosting, but security was non-existent. I wrote a PHP script for
browsing the disk and was able to get to other people's accounts and
read the database passwords in their PHP files. Then I quickly
backed-off to BlueHost.

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