Where all to list a product for sale?

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I have a general business / marketing question.... I hope it is on

A friend wants me to help him with some Internet marketing for their
sort of high end biometric security product. ( http://www.biometrics-solution.com

I suggested we list at least one of the low end products on Amazon and
other stores just to raise awareness. What other stores should we list

thinking like Amazon.com, eBay Stores, Yahoo Stores, Half.com, Google
Base, etc. We'll work out the specifics of the monthly fee or whatever
to see if it makes sense later, right now I am just fishing for as
many options as possible..

Where else can we list his product?



Re: Where all to list a product for sale?

Eric Frost wrote:
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Where would his prospective customers hang out?  Would they be looking
at any of the above sites?  I kinda doubt it, personally.

He needs to do some market research to find out where his potential
buyers can be found.

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Re: Where all to list a product for sale?

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All he really know is that one of his competitors is "selling the sh**
out of it on the internet" but he doesn't think it's through pay-per-
click, so we are brainstorming on other ideas. I'm still going to get
him to do PPC anyway..

Anyway, the "market research" will be to list it on all those places
and then see where the sales come from.. you're right I agree not many
people might be searching "biometric security" on eBay, but there are
products listed and I see 1 bid.

I think PriceGrabber is another place we'll list. What other places?

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