When are we going to get v-mail?

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Isn't it about time that we are able to send short videos instead of
typing out long e-mails to people? Most computers now have built-in
WebCams, so it would be a cool feature to be able to attach a video to
an e-mail on the fly. I wonder why Google has not thought of that and
integrated that with their Gmail?

Re: When are we going to get v-mail?

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We can, it's called "mime".

I for one am STRONGLY against this kind of thing.

For one thing, not all of us even use HTML capable mail clients, last
thing I want to do is have to download 500mb of avi's touting viagra.

Can you imagine the fuss you'd have to go through searching hundreds of
videos for a message? how about the storage?

Moreover, text has its own communication advantages, you can edit and process
information before sending it.

Would you really want to have to first create a script to read, then set up the
webcam, make sure you're dressed proper, do the recording and then send it out?

Radio hasn't evaporated, in many respects audio documentaries and stories are
making a come-back because audio-only mediums have their own advantages.

Speaking of which, I have the capacity to accept audio attachments (and phone
calls) on my radio stream, triviacompanion.com

Guess what? most people who contact me prefer to use.... text! which is sort
of unfortunate, I'd like to use their material.. but.. it does illustrate
how people prefer text over audio. (thus, one might conclude video as well)

When people start sending me videos, I'll respond with videos designed with
morse code dits and dashes.

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Re: When are we going to get v-mail?

Mr. Nonsense wrote:

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So attach a video.  Unless you really think video over text would be
better or better most of the time?  For video conferencing, there's
already that software, and you can attach one to an email now, so I
don't get what you are asking is taking so long?

Re: When are we going to get v-mail?

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If you want video its better to use skype or similar than to stick it in an
email. The problems with video in or in place of email include (and there is
some overlap with those Jamie and Nathan have highlighted):

1. size - storage requirements would go through the roof. Also, email
servers have practical limits set on how large and email can be before it
gets rejected. 10MB is often about the limit, although companies offering
free public email may set the limit lower. So any individual email over that
limit gets rejected. On top of this you normally have a storage quota,
although many companies (such as gmail) give you more than adequate storage
for most things.

2. bandwidth - as with storage, your bandwidth requirements would increase,
and email delivery would slow down. Even for those on broadband a 10MB file
takes a while to shift, and spare a thought for those unfortunate minority
who are still on dial-up. I remember someone sending me a 4MB image when I
was on dial-up and it took 45mins to download and I wasn't pleased.

3. searchability. You can't get your email client to search through your
video-emails. This is also a reason why google would probably be less
interested - if they can't scan the email then they can't hope to pull out
relevant ads to show - remember its their ad revenue which supports gmail.
Also, you can't skim a video, so it will take you much longer to "read" your

I wouldn't advocate video, not in place of emails at any rate or at least
not as a regular substitute to text emails.
Brian Cryer

Re: When are we going to get v-mail?

Mr. Nonsense wrote:
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I can do the latter having just got out of bed, and looking like I've
slept on my face. I wouldn’t even contemplate doing the former in that

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