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We're starting a fresh process to optimize our website
http://www.trendsforever.com . I wanted to run this by the group. What
would you do better - your top 5 tips ? It could be anything from
navigation to look and feel to usability to anything else you can think

Thank you in advance.

Re: What would you do better ?

Quoted text here. Click to load it

I had a quick look.

Get rid of that floating advert. Just annoys people.

Get rid of the spammy links at the bottom of the page.

Page took a while to load. May be an idea to clean up the code a bit.

Get rid of the BS testimonials. No one in their right minds will think
they are real anyway. Come on, you are a PR0 yet you get tons of
emails from happy customers ?

Better if the site was in the center of the page rather than to the


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Re: What would you do better ?

Al wrote:

Quoted text here. Click to load it


Quoted text here. Click to load it

Why the ugly purple background?   Oh wait, that's my default color
showing because you didn't assign any.

Takes a long time to load, even with my 7Mbps connection.

is interesting code...

There seems to be a bunch of JavaScript in there. My browser doesn't do

Umm, need one more...
Learn to use floats and dump all those tables. Then it would fit in my
browser window, no matter how wide it was. Looks silly stuffed to the

Bonus tip:  "Failed validation, 202 errors"

Bonus tip #2:
This shoves those hundreds of spammy links to the bottom of the page:
.Stext { position: absolute; width: 810px; top: 1800px; }

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Re: What would you do better ?

Beauregard T. Shagnasty wrote:

Quoted text here. Click to load it

One big <table> is OK, IMHO.   It's a grid, it's reasonable to display
it as such.  Mind you the rest of the HTML coding is shonky.

Definitely lose the floaty annoyance, especially on the first page.
Your first impression is important and yours is "We're ad-pumping
annoying spammers who you can't trust with your money". You might not
be, but that's what floaty annoyances say to me  (what was it for
anyway? I didn't even stop for a second to read it).

Get some contrast into that text. Black text on white.

I'm not sure this page has the feel of a first homepage either -- it's
more like a catalogue page. Although it's good to show _some_ products
up front, I don't feel there's a need to try and show me everything in
one go. Tell me what the company is about first of all "We sell the
best stuff under $100",   "Your shop for dangly pendant stuff in silver
 (sorry, we don't do earrings or gold)"   What's your overall pitch for
the shop first (why should I even be here?) and then worry about the
specific products (which part of "here" do I need to look at?) second.

Navigation wasn't impressive. Think about your users here, not your
in-house categorisations. I come to a site like this with a question in
mind. What might that question be, and how do I answer it?

Re: What would you do better ?

On 2006-11-17, Al wrote:
Quoted text here. Click to load it

     1. Get rid of the very annoying floating box

     2. Add a background colour

     3. Let it fill the window, no matter what size it is, or what the
        text size is. See:

     4. Specify the currency. Is it Euros? Australian dollars?

     5. Fix the HTML. See:

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Re: What would you do better ?

Al wrote:
Quoted text here. Click to load it

Delete all occurrences of the word "My".

Consider processing forms yourself instead of relying on an outside
service.  If you continue to use the service, put something more
meaningful into the <input type="hidden" name="error_page" than your own
home page.

Make sure it fits in an 800px wide window, allowing for scroll bars.

Reduce the vertical height of the home page.  Too much there.  Start by
moving the list of physical stores to a separate page (and add some
punctuation to it).

Don't use a popup to display the privacy policy (um, or anything else...)

Chris Beall

Re: What would you do better ?

Al wrote

Quoted text here. Click to load it

What are you optimizing it for?  Sales, speed, search engines, other?

Charles Sweeney

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