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Re: What to do about MP3s?

On Fri, 14 Oct 2005 10:10:29 +0100, Dylan Parry

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Quite so.

NEVER repeat NEVER copy pictures from a web site without explicit


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Re: What to do about MP3s?

Davémon wrote

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How can you say that, based on the above information?

Unless of course you have looked further into this, looked at the old
music in question, established who the copyright owner is, and
established what licensing requirements they have.

Like yourself, I am not a lawyer but I have studied intellectual-
property laws out of interest (long before the internet I might add) and
have applied for a couple of patents in my time.

Charles Sweeney

Re: What to do about MP3s?

Charles Sweeney wrote:
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He's got a Frank Sinatra track on there. Common sense tells me thats
likely to be in copyright. I could be wrong, but heck, thats one hell of
a custodial sentance / fine that he has to face if the RIAA get ahold of
him. Plus I hear old blue eyes had some very influencial friends, if you
know what I mean. :-)

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I don't have to do that, the OP does.
Putting a bit of wind up his skirts might force his hand. <ahem!>

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Copyright exists as soon as something is created, as you know, it's
quite different to a design right (which isn't in question here). Abuses
of copyright are much easier to commit...



Re: What to do about MP3s?

Dav=E9mon wrote:
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I know a couple of people who are paid simply to do this job -
licensing. It's a really big deal inside the music industry, and
*everything* has to be cleared and licensed whenever and wherever it's
used. If you dont apply for the correct license, you can be really
screwed by a corporate lawyer. One of my best friends is forever
tearing her hair out as a Licensing Manager at a big label in London.
The lengths she has to go to sometimes just to get permision to use a
simple sample from a track is incredible, let alone getting the rights
to use entire tracks. Thankfully I dont have to deal with this sort of
thing in person! We just ask someone else, and that's hard work enough!

Re: What to do about MP3s?

John Redmond wrote:
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Assuming that you are in the United States, you are not on solid ground
as you are making erroneous assumptions. Each of the songs is probably
protected by a properly registered copyright. If so, you could be liable
for damages for each download. How much? Statutory (presumed) damages
are $750 to $150,000 per infringement, or in this case, per download. If
there are a summons and complaint in your mailbox tomorrow, your
assumptions will not have served you well. The disclaimer is of no
value. It's actually quite amazing that you would publicly post an
admission such as this one.

Re: What to do about MP3s?

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