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Re: What programs to use for web development.

SpaceGirl wrote

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You're so...so..."in"!

Charles Sweeney

Re: What programs to use for web development.

musiccompguy@hotmail.com wrote:

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Photoshop. Now bend over.

Yes, there are plenty of others. PSP, Gimp or even Photoshop Elements
being the obvious ones. Hey, you can even use MS Paint


However none of these are as good and in particular none of them will
get you past an interview that asks if you can use Potatoshop in your
sleep, blindfold. This isn't an ideal situation (the world needs a
better Gimp), but it's the reality of the job market.

OTOH, it's not _that_ expensive. If you were a taxi driver you'd expect
to have to pay for a car, wouldn't you? A full-time designer gets their
money's worth out of it.

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"Web developers" get them from "web designers" (rarely the same people,
if they're good).

"Web designers" make them from scratch, according to the precise
requirements of the site in question.

Web monkeys download them from somewhere, or fool themselves that using
Xara has any relation to good site design.

Good web developers often prefer not to use them at all, using HTML,
CSS and text instead. There's still a need for bitmap image furniture,
but if you think that web design is about blob-shaped menu buttons,
then you need to get out of 1997.

Re: What programs to use for web development.

musiccompguy@hotmail.com wrote:
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Personally, I prefer a plain text editor.  I work with JSP pages and,
due to the way the site started out, I have to weave in between a lot
of Java coding.  The newer versions of Dreamweaver are supposed to be
able to handle that (can't say I've tried it) but I wouldn't trust
Front Page for anything.

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As others have already stated, PhotoShop is the industry standard so
you're going to have to deal with it as some point or another.  I
started out using Corel PhotoPaint a long time ago since I was able to
buy an older version Corel was blowing out because their new version
was coming out at the time and that gave me a good solid basis for
image manipulation.  However, I ended up in a job that used PhotoShop
so I needed to learn it; fortunately, I had learned enough from the
Corel program that it became simply a matter of learning a new software
package.  If PhotoShop is out of your price range and you need to learn
a bit about graphics, I suggest picking up one of the other programs
the others recommended.  Sure, you won't know PhotoShop itself, but at
least you'll have a background in working with images and can learn
PhotoShop on the job as long as you aren't facing looming deadlines;
install the program you do know and switch back and forth as deadlines
demand until you can comfortably get your work done in PhotoShop.

Yes, $650 is a lot for someone just out of college to spend on a
software package but, if you want to get moving on it right away, think
of it as an investment in your future.  PhotoShop has been the standard
for years and that doesn't appear to be changing any time soon.

Re: What programs to use for web development.

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Photoshop is great, but it is aimed at the graphic arts professional, and
has more features and complexity than you need for Web work. Paint Shop Pro,
now in version 11, runs it a close second in power and capabilities, but is
much cheaper and easier to use. Everything you learn using PSP will readily
transfer to PhotoShop if you later decide to make the leap (and
investment) -- layers, masking, etc. Stores like Fry's often "football"
Paint Shop Pro at discounted prices plus a mail-in rebate, brilnging the
final cost to under $40.

Re: What programs to use for web development.

Alex wrote:
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Yes, I tend to agree, although with the web being treated more and more
now a days like it's only a visual medium (I think I can understand )
why photoshop is being recomended more and more. It's also interesting
to note the amount of graphic designers offering web design services as
Although those sites might look ok at particular screen resolutions
they tend to fall apart when simple things happen (like when you
increase text size), I think more needs to be done regarding teaching
people the limitations on the medium they are working with. In this
case it's web design, I mean while the web is farely flexible in what
you can do with it (some things) just don't work very well (like fixxed
widths, unless you have full control of what the user can view (like on
an intranet type situation (where the user can't install new software).
Regards Chad. http://freewebdesign.cjb.cc

Re: What programs to use for web development.

Chaddy2222 wrote:

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I would disagree here. Although there certainly are "Designed by
Photoshop" sites where the site was drawn as a bitmap and only works as
a bitmap at that size, they're thankfully getting rarer. The mid-'90s
"We've got no content, but our menu nav buttons look like sausages"
sites are also a past fashion. Both of these are bad mistakes
(especially the first) and lead to poor sites.

However a modern best practice site with semantic HTML, fluid design
and pure CSS presentation can still have a valid use for Photoshop when
it comes to making rules and dividers. If you do it right, these are
also stretchy so that they still fit with the fluid design.

Photoshop is overkill for most purposes, although it's still the best
around. It has one major advantage though: Photoshop experience will
get you a job that Gimp or PSP experience won't.

Re: What programs to use for web development.

Andy Dingley wrote:
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Ahh yes, that makes sence (especially given the Op's position).
Although I just found a site which I thaught was quite bad a while back
(it has not changed much).
Regards Chad. http://freewebdesign.cjb.cc

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