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Re: What is wrong with "Click Here"?

On Tue, 7 Jun 2005, Els wrote:

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I have run across pages that, for some strange reason, put the first
letter of a link label in its own hyperlink or leave it outside of the
hyperlink entirely.  That can add entirely new (unintended) meaning to
hyperlinks at first (and, sometimes, second) glance, at least with lynx.

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Re: What is wrong with "Click Here"?

Norman L. DeForest wrote:

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Wonder if anyone tries it out <g>

<b><font color="#000080" size="1">&nbsp;&nbsp; C</font><a
href="Construction%20Updates.htm"><font color="#000080" size="1">lick
Here for a video tour of our new High School!</font></a></b>

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