What is the best live chat application?

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I was browsing the web to search for a chat application for my web
site. I think Interaction is pretty good (www.interactionchat.com), and
it looks easy to install, but before signing up, I'd like to know your
opinion, is it really free as stated on their web site? Isn't there
limitations? It looks really nice...
Are there other free Ajax applications for live chat?
Thanks in advance,


Re: What is the best live chat application?

Try using X7Chat.  It requires MySQL as a backend database.  It lacks
some UI but you can get creative on your own.

Hope that helps.


Lawk Salih
FC wrote:
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Re: What is the best live chat application?

You may try Chat Anywhere. It is able to build pure web-based chat
rooms on your server. Users don't need to install anything. They may
just open an internet browser (IE, Firefox, Opera, etc.) to visit your
chat room.

This software is an all-in-one solution. It doesn't need anything else
to support. So you do not have to install PHP, ASP, SQL, etc. Just
install Chat Anywhere on your server, run Chat Anywhere and create one
or more chat rooms (with a few clicks, no need to know any program
language), then add a links for the chat room (or more links if you
have more than one chat room) on your homepage. That's all.

Chat Anywhere allow the administrator to control the chat room remotely
or read the chat log remotely.

But this software can ONLY be installed on Windows system (Win98,
WinNT, Win2000,XP, etc.). So if the operating system of your server is
Linux, Unix, etc, you need other solution.

The download link of Chat Anywhere is:

The homepage of Chat Anywhere is:

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