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My website is www.dogsfun.net
Since private users can use a .nl domain i have an url forwarding
address www.dogsfun.nl

Which url i should registrate my site to Google and which url i should
ask others to place a link to my site: www.dogsfun.net  or

Re: what Domain

If you're forwarding all traffic to the .nl site, then have everyone
link to that, plus submit that one to Google.  This shouldn't matter,
in any case, since Google recognizes redirects and links to the
destination URL.  That is, *if* you're using a 301 (permanent)
redirect, and not a 302 (temporary).

By the by, what do you mean by "private users?"  Are you concerned
that, as a private user, you can't use a .net domain?  .net is actually
unregulated, so this wouldn't be a concern.

Anyway, hope this helps,

Walter Gildersleeve
Freiburg, Germany

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