What does it mean "sponsoring people's messages"?

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This is usenet.

Google, I am not a Formula One car. Google cannot sponsor people. They can
sponsor Formula One cars.
Google cannot solicit people's messages as if they were formula one cars.

May the race begin. Here, everyone is a running formula one car carrying
corporate ads from all industries.
Start up Google. Broom brooommm. Go to Groups. Type bush. Look to the right:
sponsored links.

I see "Kanye West vs. Bush". And the link goes to

These sponsored links keep Google alive. And Google sponsors people's messages.
We are formula one cars.

Illegal advertising? Perhaps. Are people fast cars? Absolutely not.

Its kind of insulting.

If you feel Google's advertising usenet messages shouldn't turn people into
walking talking formula one cars,
write to www.ftc.gov

note 1. foreigners are welcome to write up a complaint about Google at the US
Federal Trade Commision which
is an organization that responds to unfair (mostly marketing or customer service
related issues) trade practices.

note 2. google should not offer customer services to people they never signed a
service agreement with. The
whole Groups Beta product is an illegal business scam. A scam.

Usenet's greatest enemy is marketing. Some companies just come, and market the
contents for providing
access. They build a web page system that is used by millions, and they add
marketing. Now what's wrong
with that picture, one might ask. If millions want that free usenet access, and
millions of companies wish to
target these browsing people with web links, then how can anybody complain for
feeling like a sponsored

Life is blue, the headace man sits on his coutch, and wonders. He stands up, and
walks to the window.
He loves Paris in the spring time. It was Wednesday, the day after his parents
arrived from California.
His mother is back in the kitchen. He reaches out from the window and breaks off
a statue's penis.
It was visibly cracked. Oh, brag - he sighed - 137 thousand euros. My new
apartment, I'll glue the
penis back tomorrow. What a silly start.

The bachelor left the penis on the balcony, and walked back inside. Surely I can
stop google soliciting
my messages online - he thought - if anything, I'll buy roses too for the
wedding. But first, I'll stop
google's soliciting once and for all!

He sat down to his computer, and sent a letter to the FTC:

Dear FTC,

I am complaining about Google, because they are running illegal advertising
schemes on the Internet.
They have recently scanned 15 million books from public librares, and sharing
the material online
with added advertisements. Those books belong to book authors who in many many
cases, have
copyrights on those books. With copyrights, they are the sole distrbutors of the
books. They control
where the books are sold. Google claims they generate good soliciting for the
writers and that
they are happy to remove any book from their collection which violates
copyright. Again, people (book
authors and publishing comnpanies) find themselves contacting a company's
customer services
they never signed a business agreement with. When it comes to copyright,
business has its bounds and
agreements. Google ignores all agreements and hardheadedly, groteskly, and
extremely are in support
of free access to all public materials. They archive free public materials, and
share them, with added
sponsored links which fund their business. They consider themselves being a
charity organization of
public materials. But they are in violation of consent that all public material
is necessarily for sharing.
Even though Google claims they can assist in "unsharing" the non-consented
materials, they violate
business logic that they have full rights to allow resolution of copyright or
privacy disagreements
through their customer services. A company which does business with people and
their work who
don't do business with them. Its called infringement on copyright and privacy.

Besides Google showing the lovers of good free stuff online how they can
"Napster" copyrighted
materials (books) on the net freely themselves without millions of users united
to do so themselves,
the sugardaddy of the internet shares usenet messages with a similar sugardaddy
approach. Its
wrong what they do. They need to be complained about to the FTC. They are really
doing something
illegal online both with usenet and with their new library project.

Google bribes people, they bribe book authors. They deserve an FTC complaint.

(Like it or not, here you are a Formula One sucker.)

They specialize in piracy. Piracy of public materials. They try to compensate
piracy with
customer service features. They expect book authors to turn to their customer
to resolve copyright disputes. They think they can scan 15 million books from
treasures, and spread it freely. They are pirates. They fag everybody. They fag
online with ads. They fag on all public materials and expect others to fag
around with them.
They are faggots. I am not saying they need to be reported because they are
They need to be complained about because they rob unfairly. That's what the FTC
specializes on. Unfair business practices which violates consumer rights. As a
I do not enjoy the status of being molested by a company with ads (unpaid), I am
a race car faggot with magic stickers.

Drink and ftc, you sticker freaks! Where is your human dignity?

Unlike paid subscription discussion forums such as stock discussions, usenet
does not
belong to a company. It is open and free. Google took it all, that's a violation
to start with.
They expected other companies to follow, but they remain the primary archivers
of a
public open and free entity. Their violations of global rights are infinite.
Their privacy
features are limited. Their abuse is real. Their piracy onto public properties
are real.
Their sugardaddy-ing on public properties are a catastrophy. Their business has
no standards, they are psychopaths, and they take what they can find, and use
power to stay alive like Scientology. Now Scientology will sue me for that public
statement. Doesn't matter. Let them sue me, but FTC is Robin Hood, who returns to
the people what the rich took from them.

*Now I cannot go against 100 lawyers of Google. But the 100 thousand lawyers of
FTC can take care of Google once and for all. Cheers.

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