What do you think of sending "Permission Based Reminder(s)" to your database?

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What do you think of sending out "Permission Based Reminders" to your

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Permission based reminders should not only explain how you got their
contact details, but also why you're contacting them and what you will
be sending in the future. It's also important to give subscribers the
option of unsubscribing - yes, I'm not joking - because after all what
use is there in contacting people who don't want to be contacted?
They'll only complain and cause a detrimental effect in the long run.

Permission reminders are unfortunately, rarely sent nowadays for the
fear of dramatically reducing mailing list numbers, however on the
contrary their value in re-engaging subscribers simply can't be

Not only is it common courtesy to let your subscribers know where you
got their information from but it's also a good chance that they've
forgotten that they signed up to your list in the first place. Sending
a reminder email is also a good opportunity to re-introduce yourself
and set positive expectations for the future.
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Is this something you guys do ?
And if so how regularly?


Shiperton Henethe

Re: What do you think of sending "Permission Based Reminder(s)" to your database?

On Wed, 17 Mar 2010 06:18:41 -0700 (PDT), ship put finger to keyboard
and typed:

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I'm not convinced they're necessary. If you're already following best
practice then all your mailshots will have a prominent opt-out link
anyway, and you'll already be handling bounces, etc, so you're not
sending to dead addresses. And, as a user, I find them irritating - if
I've signed up to your mailing list, it's because I want to read your
mailshots, not because I want to read meta-information about your
mailing list. If you're running it properly then I won't have any
difficulty unsubscribing if I want to, so a reminder email is
unnecessary - and if you're not running the list properly, then a
reminder email isn't going to fix it.

In my experience, permission reminders are more often used by list
operators who don't follow best practice and use the reminder as a
crutch to let them say "we gave you the opportunity to opt out" if
later challenged.

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