What do you do on the job as a webmaster?

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Hello, I'm a student of computer science at Mohawk College in Ontario,
Canada. I'm working on a project that invovles getting actual
descriptions of jobs in various IT/web fields from people in the
industry. I was wondering if anyone could spare a moment to explain
your job for the company that you work for?

Re: What do you do on the job as a webmaster?

I sit here and read forums all day. :)

Your question is tougher than it looks.  Webmasters, depending on where
they work, can wear a bunch of different hats. Designing, developing,
email issues, customer support, server maintenance, etc...

Re: What do you do on the job as a webmaster?

Carved in mystic runes upon the very living rock, the last words of  

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Well, I'm self-employed, so the company I work for is me. I don't know if
that was a criterion.

The people I work for are my customers. When I first developed Phorm, I
made it free, with the intention that it serve as a promotional tool. It
has worked quite well. Most of my customers over the years have come to
me, directly or indirectly, through Phorm.

I have perhaps a dozen or so regular customers for whom I have done a
number of jobs and expect to do more in the future; other customers are
just one-offs, who need some job done, and that's it.

Typically, a person contacts me and says, "I need a web site/program to
do such-and-such. How much will it cost?" A lot of times we'll discuss it
and work out the details. One particular customer of mine gives very
nice, detailed specifications. He knows exactly what he wants the program
to do, and it's easy to put together from his descriptions. Others
require more coaxing.

Once I have a good understanding of what the customer wants, I ask if
they want a quote or an estimate. Most go for an estimate. In either
case, I usually go a bit high, in order to give myself room for the
unexpected. The difference is that the initial estimate will usually be
higher than the quote, but if the customer goes with the estimate, the
completed job will usually be less it would have been with the quote.

After we've agreed to specs and cost, I go to work. These days I work
mainly in PHP, though I've done a good deal of work in VBScript, Cold
Fusion and JavaScript. I'm planning to learn Python one of these days.

Over the years of working in PHP, I've developed an application framework
that I base all my programs on, and a considerable library of code, all
of which make development much faster. Of course, the faster I work, the
less I get paid, and accordingly I've raised my rates a couple of times
over the years; I think rates should generally be based on one's level of
competence. However, I've had my current rate ($75) for quite a while,
and it's working well. It's listed as $85 on my site, and if I get a new
customer or a one-off I might charge them that, but generally it allows
me to offer them $75 as a discount.

Alan Little
Phorm PHP Form Processor
http://www.phorm.com /

Re: What do you do on the job as a webmaster?

I work as a IT manager for a big firm in the UK, other than that I work
on our
web hosting business.


Kind Regards

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