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Re: What Conditions Influence the Format of a Web Page?

TC wrote:
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Another one for your list: bandwidth.


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Re: What Conditions Influence the Format of a Web Page?

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Forget trying to look at this from the designer point of view - it's not
your job.  If you are paying someone to design  a website for you , you must
have some reason to put out good money.  Are you operating or planning to
operate a business?  Are you assembling a nice place for family and friends
to keep up with each other online?  Are you building a massive monument to
your ego (my page!!! read about ME!!!)?  Are you a member of an organization
that needs a presence on the web?  Are you trying to assemble an online
community of like-thinking (-believing, -operating, -looking, -etc.) people?

Now that you have a purpose clearly in mind, what does the website need to
accomplish for you to reach (or at least reach toward) that purpose?
Businesses have certain answers, personal sites others, and organizational
sites have still others.  Websites need to do something (at least one thing)
for their owners.  Businesses position themselves, and perhaps sell goods
and services.  Families exchange news and photos.  Organizations share news,
attract new members, chat about the same things, etc.

Part of setting one or more purposes for your website includes defining the
audience you are trying to reach.  Red-headed left-handed plumbers in
Duluth, family members and friends around the world, people who need
red-headed left-handed Duluth-based plumbers' services, and so on.

When you have a purpose and some carefully defined objectives (it takes a
lot of work to seriously define objectives for websites), then you can
address "look and feel" issues.  For instance, an undertaker going online
probably won't want cartoons and happy faces on its website.  A family won't
want complicated interfaces to post their news and photos.  An organization
will want a site that reflects its goals - a MENSA chapter's site will look
considerably different than the fun travel group.

When you know why you want a site, who it needs to reach, what you hope to
accomplish with it, and how it's look and operation relate to your
objectives and your audience, you're about ready to talk with a designer.  A
competent designer will do what many people have already suggested to you -
take in all of the user interface / speed of operation / adherence to
standards / browser support / etc., and give you two or more general designs
for you to choose from.  A competent designer will also advise you about the
somewhat loose nature of the web - from the numerous standards and
technologies to issues of browser support - to the shocking fact that some
visitors will completely over-ride your choices of colors, fonts, and

A terrific-looking, fast operating site that meets everything you raised in
your post may miss your needs by a country mile.  Its a lot cheaper to
'tune' a site for incremental improvements in looks, browser support, etc.,
than it is to overhaul one that doesn't do anything for your business,
family, organization, or whatever.

George King
G.E. King Marketing

Re: What Conditions Influence the Format of a Web Page?

TC wrote:

<snip conditions>

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If your "developer" cannot shed light on this issue then perhaps you need a
new developer.


Re: What Conditions Influence the Format of a Web Page?

TC wrote:
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The only one that really counts is how your consumer looks at a page

As long as their eyes see what they need to see, everything else on your
list is imaterial,


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