what can block cookies?

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i've got a client who can't login to a site. we know the userName/pw is okay
so it looks like the session cookie isn't able to set his login state. i've
already provided detailed explanations on how to reduce cookie security so
that the cookie should be set, but he claims he's still having problems. are
there other apps he may have installed that can keep the login cookie from
being set?

Re: what can block cookies?

Once upon a time *Dica* wrote:
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Firewalls, HOST file and Adware/Spyware programs can sometimes have
some "over protecting" settings that prevent users from accessing and
using sites that set cookies.

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Re: what can block cookies?

On Fri, 14 Oct 2005, Arne wrote:

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Also find out whether the site is using the cookie protocol or JavaScript
to set cookies.  You may have to enable JavaScript if it's disabled.

The site may also be using cookies with invalid characters (punctuation
and/or spaces and/or control characters) which work with some browsers
that don't follow standards but fail for standards-compliant browsers that
strip the invalid characters.

I can't access any of the forums on Yahoo! Groups with Lynx.  I get
redirected to a page that tells me to enable cookies and try again
even though I *have* a cookie from them in my cookiejar. Several messages
to Yahoo! about this seem to have been completely ignored by Yahoo! since
I have never received a single response to my queries.

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Re: what can block cookies?

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is okay
security so
problems. are

it's my site, so getting this info should be pretty straight forward. these
are ASP session varialbes, which is just another brand of cookie.

sounds like it's 3rd party software making a mess of things.

thanks anyway.

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Re: what can block cookies?

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Try deleting temporary internet files, this always seems to be a problem
with IE in the past ...


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