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I have received to emails today welcoming me to a gibberish Yahoo group.
I did not sign up for either of them. I removed myself from the first
one, but now that I have the second email, I am wondering if this is a
spammer's attempt to confirm my email address.

Perhaps I should have contacted the abuse address at Yahoo instead.



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Re: Welcome to XYZ group

Scott Bryce wrote:
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Since there's no cost to spammers no matter how many emails they send
out, it doesn't seem like there would be any additional value in
confirming addresses. Maybe it has some value to those who compile lists
and sell them, but even if an address is confirmed once that doesn't
mean it will stay active. Anyone selling lists of confirmed addresses
has to know that even if their clients don't.

Regardless, you should never bother to unsubscribe from either
unsolicited email advertisments or other solicitations unless you can
identify the sender as someone you've already done business with.
Otherwise you're just wasting your time.


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