Weird Page Errors in Matrixstats

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As per title, I'm getting every week some weird page load errors from
my site reporting tool Matrixstats.  I don't think there are any more
broken links left on the site, so I presume these are malbots or
something.  Anyone recognise the sort of thing going on?  TIA for any
helpful explanations forthcoming ...

No HTML file specified (truncated URL in ng post?):

HTML file extension missing off otherwise valid URL (truncated URL in
ng post?):

File being sought in wrong directory (it's actually in the root):

Initial part or URL is valid, but rest such as the parameters are
meaningless in the context of my site:



If you wish to compare the above with reality, the site homepage is:


Please always reply to news group as the email address in
this post's header does not exist.  Alternatively, use one of the
contact addresses at:

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