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I am looking to find a web analytics program to replace Webtrends 7.
We are getting away from Webtrends 7 because of the cost and the
amount of Server Resources required. What we liked about Webtrends was
the reporting features - mostly pages ranked by visitor sessions
instead of by page hits. So I am asking is there a good solution out
there that runs on either the Server or the Client that costs less, is
less resource intensive and gives us similar reporting features.

Re: Webtrends replacement program

newspost2000 wrote:

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Awstats produces nice pretty graphs and tables that will usually satisfy
people who've been used to Webtrends. Analog and Webalizer will give
lots of numbers that geeks like to pore over. All three are equally
accurate, but will give different figures for visitor sessions not only
to Webtrends but also to each other. This is an advantage when you need
to re-educate a marketing department about the reliability of web stats
in general. Google Analytics combines both an attractive interface and
lots and lots of drill-down figures, making it interesting to both
marketeers and geeks. It is, however, less accurate than any server-side
solution as it only counts visitors with Javascript enabled and relies
on cookies to generate session figures. This can be an advantage if
you're mostly wanting to count "normal" home users, as it will exclude
bots and spiders automatically (which can otherwise distort server-side
stats), but it also tends to exclude privacy nerds and people behind
strict corporate firewalls.

There is no reliable way to count visitor sessions using purely server
logs, as the server logs don't contain that information - it's all on
the client side. There is no reliable way to count visitor sessions
using client-side scripting, as the client controls whether to release
the information to you - and not all do. The best you can do is get an
approximation, whether by extrapolating from server-side logs or
requesting data from client-side scripts. Any free software which
attempts to estimate visitor sessions is worth exactly what you pay for
it. Any commercial software which claims to give accurate and reliable
counts of visitor sessions is worth precisely the same.


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