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I've an issue with webtrends that perhaps someone may be able to help
me with.  I've a set of reports broken down by country e.g. UK has its
own IIS logs, US its own IIS logs etc etc and we have individual sets
of reports for each country based on thses logs. Fine.  But what I need
to do now is bring all of the countries together in one report.  I've
been told that the way its set up i.e. each country has its own logs,
then it is very difficult to bring these logs together and create a
world report.  Is this true??  Is it not easy to create a report based
on a number of logs?

The way I was going about it was to hack the excel template that smart
reports creates in an attempt to get what I want but thats turned out
to be a bit tricky.  So I've decided to look if I can get a report to
do what I want.

Any suggestions?  Hope this is clear enough.



Re: webtrends

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I think it's clear... let the new guy take a stab at it.  You're getting a
programmer's perspective here, and I'm going on the assumption that you can
kick around a little ASP.

I'm pretty sure writing a script to do what I'm about to suggest will take a
lot less time to code than fiddling with excel would.

You can open an Excel file just as any sql compliant db...like this....

 'this is right outta my brain, so forgive me if there's a typo or other
mistake - I often work by trial and error

strConn = "Driver={Microsoft Excel Driver (*.xls)};DBQ=" &
server.mappath("the_excel_file.xls") & ";"
set rsXL=server.createobject("adodb.recordset")
rs.activeconnection = strConn
rs.source = "SELECT * FROM sheet1;"

'you get the idea...

I would step through the recordset, and save each row into an mssql table
(simply because I get the feeling this is going to be a big logfile)... and
repeat all this for each of the log files you need to include, saving them
all into the same table.  When you're done, sort the new table by date/time,
and you'll have all the data you need to generate your report from, all in
one place.

Hope that helps,

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