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Any suggestions appreciated


Re: Website review

JPRuss wrote:

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Please start here:

Go here and enter your URL: /

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Re: Website review

On Tue, 17 Apr 2007 16:41:44 -0700, JPRuss writ:

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Opera 9.20

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Re: Website review

freemont wrote:

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Re: Website review

Wow thanks to everyone. It is clear that I still have some work to do,
especially with the CSS stuff. I really appreciate the quick feedback
as well. !

On Apr 17, 11:32 pm, "Beauregard T. Shagnasty"
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Re: Website review

JPRuss wrote:
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That's screen size 1600x1200, JavaScript disabled.


Re: Website review

JPRuss wrote:
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The following comments were generated without first looking at the
comments of others.

Reviewed using Firefox 2 and IE 6 on a 600 X 800 display with the
browser at full-screen, unless stated otherwise.

The site wanted to set a cookie.  I declined.  I usually do.  Nothing
bad seemed to happen as a result.

About 25% of the content is off-screen to the right and I must scroll to
see it.

I'm mystified about the topic of the site.  At first I thought it was
for a product, OPManager, but that seems to be just an ad pointing to
another site.  IMO you should never put others ads on your home page,
since they distract from whatever your site is about.

I count 25 navigation links arranged in two rows (one of which is
visually split), but I haven't a clue what the distinction is between
these three groups of navigation.  What distinguishes 'Blog' from
'Blogs', for example?  People have trouble working with more than 7
options at one time, i.e. Drudge Report is NOT a good example of user

On the lower nav bar, if you hover over 'Entertainment', more choices
appear, then you have to move DOWN to 'Technology', still more choices
appear, then you have to move RIGHT (carefully, without moving up or
down) to select one.  This reminds me of a children's game called Tickle
Bee.  In Firefox, the status line at the bottom of the browser does not
show where these links will take you (although it does for the links in
the upper nav bar).

Starting in the upper left corner.  The weather box contains a single
apostrophe, the word 'feels:' and a broken image symbol.  Nothing more.

There's an icon-sized image of a person wearing a hat at a rakish angle,
but it isn't a link.  I've no idea what it is intended to convey.

WAIT! Several minutes after I opened the page, it seems to be updating
the weather box and now it contains....the same stuff as before.  It
kept doing that every now and then.

Next what appears to be an ad for a statistics counter, followed by
three chubby people.  Why would I ever click on these?

To the right is a Google search box.  It says 'Custom' search, so I
tried searching for something to see if I could figure out what 'Custom'
means in this context.  It seems to mean "results presented with an
extraordinary number of sidebar ads".

Next, what appears to be an ad for GoDaddy.  Yep, that's where it takes
me and, darn, it has a little parameter stuck on the end, which probably
means you got paid when I did that.  My bad.

On the lower nav bar, all the items that have associated pulldown menus
have a downward-pointing triangle to their left, EXCEPT 'Entertainment'.
  The lower nav bar does not work at all (along with much of the rest of
the page) if JavaScript is disabled.

Clicking on 'Diversity' takes me to a page that looks like part of
another site, but your domain name is still in the address bar.  In any
case, all I see are ads, a very few of which (on the left) seem to have
anything to do with diversity (some are for financial diversity, others
for social diversity; wonder which one you intended?).

There is a cluster of 4 thumbnail images.  The second one never appears.

In the title "So your going to be..." the word should be "you're".
There are other typos as well.

Every apostrophe in the titles and text appears as a lowercase a grave,
followed by a Euro symbol, followed by either a trademark symbol or
broken vertical bar.  There are other odd symbol substitutions.  Perhaps
something to do with character set?

In the "YouTube vs. Google..." it says "just click on all three
videos...", but I see only two thumbnail images, so I'm confused.

I'd like to see more white space (wider gutter) between the 3 columns of

Increasing text size worked in Firefox, but had no effect in IE.

In the item "Tips for Organization Improvement", clicking on the title
takes me to and clicking on the
'read more' at the end of the teaser paragraph takes me to , both of which seem to have
identical content, although they are at different domains.

Net: This is a neatly laid out mishmash of unrelated material that is
awkward to navigate and has enough operational errors to discourage the
most determined visitor.

Now let's look under the covers.

Um, no, let's not.  Though I do see that those funny characters in place
of apostrophes are actually coded that way in the text.  Wonder how they
got there?

You seem to have a good eye for layout.  Some of the content you've
selected looks interesting (and anyone who likes Tom Lehrer is OK in my
book...), but in terms of web design, don't give up your day job.

Without looking, I'm sure others will have pointed you to useful reading
material.  Mine is at .

Chris Beall

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