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Hi ,Thanks all of one who helped me in finding solutions for my
problems , I have a new question plz help me in solving the question ,
what is the limit for Meta Keyword,description,Title,alt tags etc? like
example keyword 60 words.......
and keyword can repeated it is good or bad ? if we use unique keywords
and title its good or bad ?

Re: Website Optimization

I'm not sure whether you use html or some kind of content management
system for your site, but I have a few recommendations. I'm not an SEO
export or anything, but the sites I've designed seem to do very well in
their topic categories.  Here's what works for me:

Seperate your content based on topic, but have a central entry page to
get to it.  If users can't get to it, chances are the search engine
won't find it either.

Use descriptive titles for categories, sections, articles, and when
possible, make that title the page title as well ( - My
Very Descriptive Title.)  This doesn't only help with search results,
people also see the title in the results.

Have pages dedicated to individual articles and link to your own site
content as well as off-site content when you can within the article.
The crawler will follow links from your pages and if the followed link
is relevant to the article it helps you.

Use words for links, not images.  If you must use images for links,
always use the alt attribute in the img tag (this applies to non linked
images as well).

The most important thing is to make your website useful to users and
simple for them to find what they are looking for.  If a person can
easily navigate your site and know exactly what they are looking at,
then the search engine shouldn't have any problems doing the same

Meta data is less useful today than it was 6 or 7 years ago, because of
the reasons the other poster mentioned.  Today search engines are
smarter and go by the actual content in the page.  Once again, optimize
your site toward the user and the search engines will be happy.

Tangant ISG

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