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Could one of you website guru's suggest where I might obtain a simple
website loan payment calculator that can be inserted into a web page?
I have been searching and all I've found is either sites that allow
you to make the calculations on their site or programs that are
installed on your personal computer. I need one for a customers
website so that his potential customers can do a quick online payment
check without leaving his web pages.
Thanking all in advance for any help you might be able to provide.
Tha RagMan

Re: WebSite Loan/Payment Calculator

Tha RagMan scribed:

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Javascript or server-side solution is easy. With js, though, you run the
risk of visitors having js disabled (about 5% of surfers).

Ed Jay (remove 'M' to reply by email)

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Re: WebSite Loan/Payment Calculator

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Ed Jay;
Thanks for the info. Shortly after posting I found what I hope is my
solution. A little Perl/CGI calculator program called VeryInteresting.
If you or anyone else has an interest it can be downloaded free at . It's simple to set up and
easily edited to meet the needs I have. Thanks much for your response
and info. It is much appreciated.
Tha RagMan

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