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Anyone care to make any constructive criticism about this "pending"
e-commerce site:

Thanks to anyone who can spare a moment to look.

Re: Website Critique

Brooksie2 wrote

Quoted text here. Click to load it

Great name.  Site is clean and tidy.  Header area is too big for my taste,
pushing the content down the page.  Was also slow to load.  196K is

It is FAR from obvious what it's about.  I noticed at the very bottom and
after a scroll, a link to a page that told me it was about eyedrops.  Put
the product picture on the homepage where it can be seen without scrolling.

You have to make stuff very obvious.

Charles Sweeney

Re: Website Critique

Fleeing from the madness of the jungle
and said:

Quoted text here. Click to load it

That eye is scary.

The image is way too large ~ 200k - takes way too long to load.

Markup is horrendous - more scary than the image.

Contact page should actually show some contact details.

whois data is naff.

blog link goes offsite - takes an age to load

font size is a little small - is that a trick of the trade?

contrast is good, but document width is fixed.

William Tasso

Re: Website Critique

William Tasso wrote:

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Re: Website Critique

Brooksie2 wrote:

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I'll make any sort I damn well feel like.

Quoted text here. Click to load it

Visual design isn't bad, but it's isn't exciting either.

Technical implementation is execrable and you should be ashamed if
you're a professional developer.

I can't say I'd ever considered using snake oil as eye drops. In most
civilised countries these sorts of unsubstantiated claims are
borderline illegal. In the others they're popular spam email subjects.

Re: Website Critique

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Brooksie meet CSS, CSS meet Brooksie. Lets hope you two have a long and
happy relationship.


le singe est dans l'arbre

Re: Website Critique

Paul Watt wrote:
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Any more constructive criticism out there?  Grateful for all and any

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