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I'm looking for a better way to manage my companies intranet website.
Currently it is just a bunch of html pages linked together.  The contents
are mostly text & tables with various resources for the employees to use.
The problem is that there are a number of different users that edit specific
pages.  The site as a whole was originally created in Frontpage, but all of
these "user/editors" are using MS Word to edit the pages.  What seems to
have started happening is that over time the garbled html that word creates
is creating problems with the formatting of the pages.  I've tried to use
the Microsoft Office HTML filter on the pages & its helped a little but not

What I am looking for is a way so those that need to edit the pages can do
so in a "Word"-like editor without effecting any of the formatting or coding
of the actual page.

I've began looking at Web Content management systems (from Sharepoint to
TYPO3 and such) but most of them seem way overkill for what I'll need.

Any suggestions?


Re: website content management

Forging a path through the alt.www.webmaster jungle, Joe Hurst burst into  
a clearing and said:

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Can you script?  perhaps a modified guestbook or blog would suit your site?

Whatever you do - do something.

Re: website content management

For a documentation site at work, we use MediaWiki (


Re: website content management

William Tasso wrote:

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Or look at an easy to use CMS - I don't know anything about Sharepoint
but TYPO3 is *horribly* difficult to use. Look at Mambo. (I always say

David Preston
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Re: website content management

Joe Hurst wrote

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There's bound to be any number of free CMS stuff out there, have you
tried ?

If it was me.  I would re-write the thing entirely.  I just write the
code, I don't use a program.  I would use a database for the content,
and have allowed users to update their relevant sections.

Does it have to be in a MS Word style?  I would just use simple text.

Good luck.

Charles Sweeney

Re: website content management

Joe Hurst wrote:

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You want a content management system.

I recommend . Highly awarded but also free.
I use it for  etc


Re: website content management

On Fri, 13 May 2005 16:50:21 +1000, Gregory Toomey

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Take a look at also. It's very user friendly,
much more than mambo. And also free.
Jurgen Nijhuis
Argos Media Solutions

Re: website content management

Thanks for the help everyone, I've decided to go with a product called
WebEdit Professional
( /).

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